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80 BPM03:13
A gritty, tough vibe emerges in this hick-hop instrumental as rugged guitar arrangements blend with grooving beats, bass riffs, dobro, and organ. Version - Full

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119 BPM02:53
Confident guitar patterns accompany drum machine, bass, and organ to create a grinding sense of swagger in this hick-hop track. Version - Full
92 BPM02:55
Gritty guitar and edgy synthesizer patterns blend with grinding beats, bass, and organ to create a rugged vibe in this hick-hop track. Version - Full
80 BPM02:57
gritty dubstep drone pulses whilst cool blues guitar calls out, synth swells. 0'25 hip-hop drum loop drops in. pensive mood. vocal sample @ 0'49 "so good" - B minor, 80 BPM, Full Mix
86 BPM02:02
Greasy amplified bazouki phrases and swirling lap steel lines join with hip hop beats, piano and glitchy effects for a detective-like groove.
84 BPM03:08
Blues - Funk - Modern. Action wah guitar stabs and flangy, effected Rhodes float over this chilled-out stoney groove. POI @ 0:57 Slammin' crusty-cool drums and distorted riff-rock vibrations take over and drive the jam forward. Lay back and feel the groove... 84 bpm. Full Mix.
81 BPM02:00
This NYC street vibin' hard hitting hip hop with in your face old school synths, bluesy slick electric guitar, and massive pulsating drums will quench your thirst for a new urban classic. Proud, Pimpin', Get That Money. Commercial, Reality TV, Film.
96 BPM03:05
Sensual Neo-Soul with a laid back vibe drenched with dreamy percussion, deep groovin' bass, and powerful synths. Sexy addition to any Film, Reality TV, or Ad. Creamy, Romantic, Soulful, Explicit.
66 BPM03:41
inscrutable blues-driven soul-rock fusion with heavy undertones, claps. vibrating dubstep fx electrify the soothing woo-woo vocals steering electric guitars through the dark black smog, 66 BPM
90 BPM02:22
Cool and groovy urban beat with swagger and confident synth melody. Laidback West Coast hip hop vibes, pumping along with a g-funk style bass-line and sassy lead line.
85 BPM02:18
Laid-back hip-hop song with male vocals, reverberated guitar, pads and powerful electronic drums.
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