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78 BPM04:25
A sense of hope drips from delicate indie vocals while a sentimental string ensemble and light, muffled keys blend together to create a warm, inspiring song. Version - Full

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70 BPM04:15
Tender female vocals sing emotional, yearning lyrics with airy, echoing keys creating a heavy feeling of pain and desire in this dynamic indie singer-songwriter track. Version - Full
128 BPM02:38
Deeply romantic ambient pop. Atmospheric, drifting on dark soundclouds. The last moments of togetherness slowly fading into pitch black. Rsumof a heavenly beautiful female voice, D minor, 128 BPM
136 BPM02:52
Pulsing synth bass and grooving drums create optimistic energy while elation emanates from positive female vocals and synth melodies. Version - Full
110 BPM02:37
Stark vocal ballad. Intense. Existential bass. Reversing soundclouds trying to suck you in. Uncontrollable emotions. A heartfelt lament to the god of love, D minor, 110 BPM
64 BPM02:31
rippling piano and strings, a beautifully melancholic female voice, pensive, gentle and harmonious. an arctic floating pop-folk song, 64 BPM
122 BPM02:51
Romantic sentiments radiate from passionate female vocals and piano and synth melodies while upbeat drum grooves and warm bass round out the heartfelt vibes in this indie pop tune. Version - Full
90 BPM02:42
gentle humming, meditative, sweet vocal magic, piano, organic drone, newborn life, feels warm when it's cold outside, soulful, 90 BPM
118 BPM02:59
Dreamy keys and synths are joined by subdued electro beats and empowering female vocals to create an enchanting, encouraging mood in this indie synth pop tune. Version - Full
50 BPM03:32
The perfect calm after the storm. Sensitive piano intro into lilting waltz with a beautiful female vocal.
114 BPM03:18
Burn out after a long emotional journey, written and directed by life. Female Empowerment. Dark cinematic piano chords like magma. Reverse guitar tones. Angelic girl voice of great intimacy and innocence, G minor, 114 BPM
73 BPM03:00
chilled electric guitars, beat drops as an extraordinary female voice articulates. electro beats and chimes deliver this dreamy indie-pop track with soul quality, 73 BPM
105 BPM02:43
Expressive female vocals radiate encouragement and support while emotional piano progressions, spacey pads and chill drums add to the joyful, heartfelt mood in this indie pop folk tune. Version - Full
95 BPM03:42
Break the shackles and follow your dreams
80 BPM03:32
Wide open spaces. Measured rhythmic undertone, chilled synths ethereal female vocals.
166 BPM04:35
Sentimental and alluring indie rock with a spell-binding quality. Romantic male and female duet with a harmonious and expressive backing.
80 BPM02:54
Delicate and dynamic at the same time, this cinematic pop-rock theme with enticing electric guitar, distant piano, enchanting female vocals and climactic orchestral symphonic procession, connotes a dramatic scenario. Version - Full
64 BPM03:01
Heart-warming downtempo piano-driven emotive song offering comfort to a loved one to help them through tough times.
124 BPM03:27
A bold electronica beat and bass line grinds along while evocative female vocals offer courage in this heartfelt, anthemic pop electro tune, with mesmerizing synths and effects rounding out the spacey vibes. Version - Full
152 BPM03:27
Dark moody bad dreams whispering in your ear
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