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71 BPM02:06
Aggressive beats and confident vocals combine with tense brass swells, string lines, and keys to emphasize grit and determination in this swaggering rap track. Version - Full

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79 BPM02:04
This grinding west coast hip-hop song creates a tough, gritty tone through percolating organ patterns along with bold bass and beats underneath relentless male rapping. Version - Full
89 BPM03:32
Rap Hip-hop track, featuring haunting piano, dramatic strings, deep sub-bass, big drums, hard-hittin' vocals and gritty male rap verses.
81 BPM02:57
Ridin' slow and low, this dark, haunting rap tune, creeps 'round the hood with huge 808 drums, hooky arpeggiating piano, deep bass, slick synths and eerie bells, while the click spits game over the boomin' rhythm.
75 BPM03:03
Rock & Rap powerfully come together in this moody, dramatic and hard-hitting track, filled with edgy, distorted guitars, booming 808 drums, atmospheric textures and deep bass.
80 BPM02:17
Sub-divided beats with clicky hi-hats and low sub-bass creating a heavy vibe that builds a formidable trap music wall with tough, aggressive vocal rhymes, gang vocal textures and an edgy keyboard melody.
73 BPM02:24
Gritty and passionate male vocals rap incessantly in this grinding and unstoppable track, while quick brass motifs play alongside a powerful trap rhythm, with slamming, marching percussion and wall-shaking sub bass. Version - Full
96 BPM03:48
You can't handle our game! This powerful, sports inspired rap/hip-hop track soars with melodic keys, deep sub bass, pulsing strings and thick synths bumpin' over big urban drums. A slick male rap performance dares you to challenge him, building to an explosive chorus hook @ 1:10 that pushes it to the limit! It's a FACE-OFF! Hip-Hop/Rap - Sports, Basketball. 96 BPM. Full Mix.
95 BPM02:06
Mesmerizing vocal effect loops, syncopated beats, gritty keys and tough male rap vocals coalesce to emit raw determination in this grinding hip-hop tune. Version - Full
105 BPM02:12
Slick, swirling female vocal effects and clicky stick percussion swarm in the background behind self-assured hip-hop beats and big-talking rap vocals.
128 BPM01:09
Hip Hop. Big and bumpin'. Gotta live the fast life, always hustling. This bold hip hop commands respect dropping monstrous beats and mysterious melodies adorned with a tense synth theme.
95 BPM02:16
Huge beats and bass lines collide with aggressive male rapping and pulsing synths to hurl an onslaught of brash grit in this west coast hip-hop track. Version - Full
97 BPM02:12
Brash, aggressive male rapping, grooving beats and west coast synth lines elicit salacious narratives in this gritty hip-hop track. Version - Full
75 BPM02:25
Eerie and pulsing trap hop rises with a determined and powerful energy. With male vocals.
111 BPM03:19
Building hip hop beginning rises confidently with a passionate and powerful intensity. With male vocals.
160 BPM02:02
A tough rap delivery booming with confidence represents supreme basketball skills over bass-heavy, hip-hop grooves and pulsating synthesizer effects.
85 BPM02:19
Atmospheric, bubbly sounding synths cast a dark shadow over a weighty, mellow track with an introspective feel. Version - Full Mix
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