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78 BPM02:57
This fusion trailer track starts off with a driving folk rhythm and guitar until the full drum set and lead guitar give this track a rock music style with a pensive melody doubled by a second voice while the e-bow brings cool effects and pads. The track slows down leading into a dramatic break @01:50 before heading towards the ending with subtle yet emotive strings. 78 Bpm. Full Mix.

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82 BPM01:50
Emotional guitars, loose leads and a textural so-cal beat.
96 BPM02:25
Chilled indie guitar with electronic beat
90 BPM02:18
Bittersweet and tones of ruminating on sparse indie guitar and drum kit
93 BPM01:55
Smooth guitars, subtle drums and soft keys.
90 BPM02:23
Stirring and determined indie
100 BPM02:09
Silvery guitars, subtle leads and soft simple drums.
90 BPM01:52
Perky keys, cheerful drums and puttering guitars.
151 BPM03:12
Proto electro gently speeding, coming on strong, vibing. Swift 8th note bass lines pumping, chilling in the fast lane. Focussed kraut drums, electric guitars and piano melodies unwinding. Atmospheric tripping, E major, 151 BPM
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