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95 BPM02:37
Whispers, soulful blues vocals dropping in. Wide eyes. Sensual heat. Gently soaring pop ballad featuring Ziggy Sullivin, 95 BPM

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65 BPM03:21
Extreme emotional love lyrics, touching piano chords, rough male rock virtuoso vocals. The crowd claps along. Sweet melancholic heaven full of heartbreak and tears, 65 BPM
165 BPM03:05
Sentimental piano chords lead to romancing male vocals, a modern love song with bewildered synths and eclectic pop melodies, 165 BPM
85 BPM03:11
Vibrant indie-pop featuring sensual guitars and dreamy male vocals. Happy-go-lucky beat, tambourine shakes, gritty electric guitar chorus. Heart bursting with love, new days and new beginnings, 85 BPM
120 BPM02:47
Warm organs and synths, mellow drums and bass, and floating vocals highlight this floating dance/electronic track.
74 BPM03:15
Acoustic guitars, piano, muscular voice, motivational lyrics. Everythings gonna be alright. You can do it. Rockers' drums hitting hard. Hymnic emotions lift the spirits, 74 BPM
65 BPM02:56
Piano ballad chords with a soulful backdrop, male vocals, bluesy guitar licks. Intense feelings of epic proportion. Body swaying lovers rock. Sweet melancholy, 65 BPM
98 BPM02:13
This one-of-a-kind upbeat R&B/Pop/Electronic track is packed full of spirited nostalgia with pulsing effects, shining synth chords, deep bass, fresh keys, soaring vocals, bouncy mid-tempo drums and lively percussion. Straight up fun, spontaneous, and carefree.
80 BPM03:16
Ain't no stopping now. This Trailblazer is rolling and nobody can hold it down. A soulful rock tune with a cinematic touch and loads of modern elements such as additional drum mashine fills and a soulful choir. Dramatic break @02:11. 80 Bpm. Full Mix.
158 BPM03:19
Dissonant strings submerge you into an out-of-body epic electro/rock experience with smackin' drums, underlying hip-hop groove, booming bass, intense orchestra, and inspired male vocals that chant, it's "You And Me Against The World."
75 BPM03:02
This bold pop tune glows with optimism and fortitude through powerful male vocals, shimmering synths, rippling arpeggios and grooving beats to create a mesmerizing, upbeat vibe. Version - Full
100 BPM02:59
Hope radiates in this reassuring pop tune, with confident male vocals, mesmerizing synths and grooving beats amplifying encouraging sentiments. Version - Full
82 BPM02:52
Retro sounding synthesizer pulses and chopped up drum and bass patterns add to an eccentric groove before launching into an explosive indie anthem chorus with buzzy synthesizers and fuzz guitars joining forces.
100 BPM03:40
Pulsing synths and rich pads combine with positive male vocals and grooving beats to create soaring elation in this emotional pop tune. Version - Full
93 BPM02:22
Devilish indie-rock vocals lead to virtuoso classical string arrangements highlighting dancing bows on top of hybrid orchestra evolutions. The possessed creature crawls through the sludge desperately scouring for undeclared love, D minor, 93 BPM
83 BPM03:09
Buzzing stadium rock guitars, energic drums, euphoric choirs. Male singer accompanied by impassioned piano. Emotion on stilts. Instruments drop back in @ 1'47 taking the ballad to another level of epic intensity, 83 BPM
146 BPM03:33
emotional pop ballad. sentimental. absolutely beautiful rolling strings introduce male indie vocals proclaiming love and sorrow, 146 BPM
120 BPM02:43
Minimalist arrangement with a unique beat and catchy vocal melodies. Sweet, simple, sophisticated.
83 BPM02:03
Brooding, darkly-tinged electro pop. Emotionally fuelled by a downcast male vocal, this track builds to an atmospheric drum and bass beat with orchestral horns.
100 BPM03:27
Delicate guitar tones behind softly whispered male vocals. Sentimental. Emotive. Leaving someone behind, moving on, feeling empowered., 100 BPM
124 BPM03:29
catchy house piano chords and emotional drums take us to the dance floor as the singer croons about his desires to show the girl how to love and be loved. boygroup pop with dreamy quality, 124 BPM
75 BPM03:35
80's inspired lovers' rock hymn featuring a manly rock voice, walls of epic guitar, pop piano and raising background harmonies. Long hair, leather pants, shiny looks. Extreme love emotion. Hold up your lighters, 75 BPM
128 BPM02:30
Settle in to the mesmerizing, haunting sound of this atmospheric indie-electronic track filled with dreamy guitars, hypnotic half-time drums/percussion, vibey pads, emotional vocals, big sub bass, sparkling synth arpeggios, and soaring leads. #DarkAndMoody
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