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95 BPM03:10
Gentle house-style piano chords, electro drums. Sensational build of harmonious female vocals. The many shades of humanity. A bright future full of unity and love, 95 BPM

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110 BPM03:52
A fluid river of ballad vibes starring warm melodic piano chords, fluttering chimes, and softly vocalized wishes. Enchantment of forbidden love. Finding light midst the pain, 110 BPM
75 BPM03:34
Dreamy female vocal lead features in this heartfelt song about reaching a distant love. Lush strings add support at 1:42 and builds towards an emotional apex from 2:34
118 BPM03:34
Peaceful thoughts. Self-reckoning. Deep pounding delicate pulses, soft tapping. A beautiful voice arises, surrounded by angels, singing in trance. Slow building violins, soft kick drum beat. Self-love, healing, solitude, 118 BPM
70 BPM03:46
fragile orchestra tones, sparkling waters, beautiful angelic singing, deep in the forest connecting with mother earth. scintillating sunlight, becoming dramatic and emotional with drums and rising strings, 70 BPM
100 BPM02:46
Hopeful female vocals express desire and optimism while evocative synths and percolating bell-like effects emphasize mysterious wonder in this expressive electronic track. Version - Full
92 BPM02:05
Dream big with this ambitious dream pop anthem that slowly builds into an inspirational epic.
75 BPM04:55
Proud heartfelt anthem female vocals
105 BPM03:46
angelic female voice, synth pads, piano. drums @ 0'19, building. gently uplifting with a heroic touch. 80's epic synth-pop reminiscence. becoming confident and glorious @ 0'56 - 105 BPM, Full Mix
127 BPM02:07
Passionate, echo covered female vocals soar over airy EDM beats, lush synthesizers and cinematic orchestral string and percussion.
72 BPM03:41
enigmatic fantasy trailer of heavenly beauty. delicate piano, gently floating strings and an angels voice heard through the mist. urgent string staccatos @ 0'59, cinematic drums gaining momentum, 72 BPM
75 BPM03:55
Proud heartfelt anthem female vocals
78 BPM03:49
Lonesome female voice and epic but smooth orchestra that builds up to climax at 2'01. Epic yet romantic love theme for big pictures. 78 bpm, Full Mix
70 BPM05:08
Slow building majestic aerial theme
77 BPM02:25
Caucasian way, ousbek female vocals, oboe and strings. Version - Full Mix
87 BPM01:01
Haunting edgy floating female vocals
85 BPM02:16
Specialty - Christmas. Heartfelt Christmas female vocal wish surrounded by percolating sounds, bells, background vocal textures, cool percussion loops, airy pads and warmth. 85 bpm. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:47
angelic singing, emotionally gliding strings, fragile, hesitant becoming rhythmic with tribal drums. thoughtful, spiritual, 90 BPM
127 BPM04:01
Orchestral version. Americana. 127bpm. Main Mix.
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