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110 BPM02:16
Upbeat and joyful folk pop track with driving drums, acoustic guitars and a playful banjo backed up by uplifting strings and synths.

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119 BPM01:32
Warm brass with percussion, piano & guitars. Acoustic, building & emotional. Achievement.
127 BPM01:36
Expansive guitars, rolling drums and folk picking, set the scene for this relaxed, uplifting folk piece. A male voice doubles the guitar melody, and epic synths usher in a climactic chorus! Comforting, soulful yet powerful.
0 BPM02:21
Positive and optimistic indie guitars awash with male vocals and warm percussion. Bright and carefree. Ideal for daytime tv, positive promos, travel, summery lifestyle and leisure.
75 BPM02:02
Upbeat drums interrailing with folky acoustic guitars and electric keyboard topline. - Main Mix
94 BPM01:48
Cool jangly guitars with shaker, tambourine & catchy piano. Positive & folksy. Version - Full
Light and positive acoustic guitars and piano grow into youthful driving drums, shimmering upbeat electric guitar melodies and synths.
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