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59 BPM02:38
Emotive female vocals with words of comfort and a soft piano in the beginning create a soulful atmosphere, but tables turn when this fusion trailer track picks up the pace with strings. At first maintaining the hopeful feel, the situation intensifies and becomes dramatic @01:22 with a big orchestra. Especially the brass instrument give this track a massive push. 59 Bpm. Full Mix.

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90 BPM03:12
Emotional, paired with hope: an adventurous journey is awaiting. Hits, big themes, tension and dramatic atmospheres!
130 BPM03:23
Archaic drama. Mystic voices, sirens of the doomed. Resonant cave-like stabs, eerie drones, distant explosions. Frenzied string cascades approximate, build. Furious cinematic drumming @ 1'41. Gravitating towards the center of the earth. Climax. Deflation, 130 BPM
110 BPM02:37
Enigma. Distant bursts. Classical strings emanating. Exciting pulses soaring, angel voices, dubstep reverse fx. Thundering cinematic drums pushing the boundaries of magic irreversibly, 110 BPM
90 BPM03:04
Beginning with a solo piano to set an introductory mood evolving into lyrical string phrases, stepping into action-packed short strings and percussions. Gigantic, massive; worlds that have never been seen before.
120 BPM02:01
Exciting, Fast, Fantastic! A trailer-esque theme with a percussive climax.
80 BPM03:03
Fast-paced, lyrical cellos and a touch of Asian flair until it turns into deep action hits: epic worlds, epic sequences, this is hybrid trailer music.
123 BPM02:48
The sweet piano in the beginning sets the tone for a tender atmosphere. But a bass pulse brings an urging feel supported by dreamy yet thoughtful female vocals and dramatic strings. The arrangement of this fusion trailer track shifts again @01:06 and slows down for a soulful part that ends @01:37 when the choir and full orchestra with brass hit for a meaningful and epic sound. 123 Bpm. Full Mix.
125 BPM02:48
Spherical and floating strings create a weightless feel in the beginning that gets an optimistic push from another violin voice as well as female vocals. This hybrid trailer track takes an unexpected turn @01:03 to a darker side with a synth pulse and melancholic piano. When the full orchestra comes in with its overwhelming sound @01:38, it blows you away with its power and emotional feel. 125 Bpm. Full Mix.
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