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103 BPM03:23
Chart pop shiverings, deep droning pulsations, steady driven club beats arousing 80s and disco power reminiscences. Lustful male vocals. Passion. Devotion. Ecstasy, 103 BPM

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100 BPM03:53
Indie rock meets EDM synths with clear male lead vocal. Deep four-on-the-floor kick, pulsing synths, effected vocals, and heartfelt guitar. Melodic, driven, and honest.
127 BPM02:43
A Pop ballad with rap and lead vocals. Dynamic beats, underlying floating piano, driving bridge. Affirming, emotional, and honest.
87 BPM03:01
Optimism in the face of challenges is elicited by male vocals declaring "carry on" while grooving beats, rich synths, warm keys and smooth guitar grind ahead in this pop tune. Version - Full
95 BPM03:29
Building EDM/Indie Pop track that inspires. Soaring male vocal, powerful electronic drums, underlying piano, pulsing synths, and echoing synth pads. Inspirational, thoughtful, and spirited.
97 BPM02:56
A strong feel-good anthem featuring layered male vocals, accented drums, rolling synth, and heartfelt piano. Inspirational, driving, and building.
0 BPM03:40
Positive electro synth pop track with uplifting chorus and catchy male vocals
146 BPM03:25
Scores that need settling in this powerful tale of anger and retaliation.
112 BPM03:09
Inspiring Indie-Pop track with heartfelt lyrics and bouncy beat. Grooving bass, thumpin' drums, and crisp guitar. Fun, energetic, and motivational.
83 BPM04:02
Hope radiates in this positive pop tune, with inspiring male vocals, grooving beats, smooth electric guitar melodies and rich bass lines emphasizing optimism. Version - Full
103 BPM02:27
Bittersweet pop with male vocal which describes a post-relationship struggle. Progressive 12/8 triple time rhythms blend against hypnotic synth textures.
103 BPM03:42
Simmering relationship tale of woe that boils over with frustration.
92 BPM03:17
92 BPM03:17
Male vocal lead pop with a big; relieved release on Synth - Strings; piano and percussion
120 BPM02:30
This energizing indie synth pop tune features carefree male vocals, breezy synths, pulsing bass lines and grooving electro beats. Version - Full
115 BPM03:02
Pulsing synths and driving electro beats combine with atmospheric keys and pads while emotional male vocals express the excitement of a new romance in this electrifying indie synth pop tune. Version - Full
133 BPM03:12
An infectious, Asian inspired bell, guitar and piano theme leads into a driving indie rock anthem with powerful gang vocals.
93 BPM03:00
Meaningful Pop Ballad with rallied hopeful message. Deep kick drum, harmonic guitar passage, and melodic bass licks. Passionate, emotional, and honest.
90 BPM02:13
Classic pop melodies meet future bass production with melting synths, liquid chords and lots of variation in rhythm over a thick beat.
104 BPM03:46
Electro luxury half-time swag. Canadian accented male vocal influencer pop. Starry-eyed, shiny synth magic. Dreamy golden hours, 104 BPM
90 BPM02:02
Carefree male vocals express a desire to move on while warm synths and keys along with grooving beats and effected background vocals round out the sense of optimism in this pop electronic tune. Version - Full
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