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90 BPM02:30
A passionate arrangement featuring haunting violin melodies.

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70 BPM02:17
Simple acoustic fun with guitars & glock. Gentle & happy.
124 BPM02:54
sincere tango underscore with a hint of austerity. dignified, creating a majestic atmosphere - 124 BPM, Full Mix
100 BPM02:44
Uplifting, optimistic acoustic pop featuring acoustic guitar creating an intimate, positive, cheerful mood
72 BPM02:19
Hawaiian acoustic rhythm with ukulele and lap steel melody, Hawaii, the Descendants, Lazy, relaxed, hula, beach, ocean, sand, tropical, sunshine, hot, friendly, blue skies, holiday, vacation, serene, calm, optimistic, mellow, romantic
130 BPM01:55
Slightly sad but appreciative track that transitions to a happier hopeful mood
110 BPM01:47
Meandering spanish folk in a relaxed and cheerful mood
150 BPM02:11
Lovers embracing each other closely as they gracefully move their bodies across the dancefloor. This song goes straight to the heart with its sweet Spanish guitar that creates a mellow and dreamy atmosphere. 150 Bpm. Full Mix.
181 BPM02:12
Idyllic accordion, delicate guitars gentle rhythms conjure warmth, contentment and the blissful outdoors.
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