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190 BPM02:44
Bright swirling strings with elegant piano & pizzicato. Heartwarming & remembering. Stories told...

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134 BPM02:47
Expressive viola solo with classical strings, celeste & warm piano. Thoughtful & uplifting, Ready for an adventure together.
122 BPM02:16
122 BPM02:16
Tender orchestral wonderment with beautiful piano patterns and long warm strings.
50 BPM02:33
Sparse emotion and weightless piano keys with classical drama violin score, sorrow, loss and tragedy. History, sad world news and serious human drama reporting.
150 BPM02:01
Sentimental piano waltz with a gentle touch of strings.
89 BPM02:34
Flowing piano & gamelan with atmospheric strings & building violin line. Growing & changing, looking ahead... Positive & uplifting, excitement.
70 BPM03:02
Sad piano story with heartbroken violin underscore, slow paced and nostalgic mood. Melancholic and gentle with a sense of loss and tragedy.
110 BPM02:16
110 BPM02:16
Reflective piano intro leading to emotive build with strings; bells and marimba
177 BPM02:32
This film score track is like a passing landscape with a range of different emotional colours. Piano, strings and marimba add to a hopelful and dynamic atmosphere. 177 BPM. Full mix.
80 BPM02:21
Mellow piano and delicate sentimental strings are backed by warm pads, culminating with a wondrous yet wistful finish.
120 BPM02:11
Busy piano pulses joined by bright, positive strings evoke the beginning of spring's wonder.
92 BPM02:16
Enchanting and delicate, featuring soothing piano and cello that create a delightful, heartwarming mood.
80 BPM02:18
Hopeful cue with piano, beautiful long strings and flute depicting a natural landscape.
100 BPM02:34
Reflective piano starts, joined by gentle, neutral strings and woodwinds. Transitions marked by soft and regular percussive swells. Builds to pulsing conclusion in mallets and rest of orchestra.
120 BPM02:43
120 BPM02:43
Slowly revolving piano, pizzicato and xylophone melodies leading to a confident close
115 BPM02:28
Beautiful pastoral strings with an optimistic tone
82 BPM03:29
Slow waltzing piano with violin and accompanying strings. Artistic & sophisticated. Classical. Artist's hang out.
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