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120 BPM02:13
A dream, a vision, a revelation and planet earth awakens. Sounding like a river full of wondrous things, this tranquil composition creates a beautiful yet reflective mood.

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109 BPM04:32
Lush piano and strings combine beautifully with synths and sound design elements
120 BPM02:22
Poignant, beautiful piano and string textures with a longing, drifting atmosphere and twinkling effects. Gently paced, with a developing cello theme from 1:04. Ideal for independent cinema, documentary, science and nature. 120 BPM.
0 BPM01:54
Bright, positive impressions evoking images of dreams becoming reality.
138 BPM01:06
Enchanting synth pads are joined by a gentle piano melody to evoke encouraging sentiments in this subtle scoring cue. Version - Full
Thoughtful and elevating piano shows you the way to leap into a wondrous adventure somewhere new.
60 BPM02:01
Fragile pizzicato strings back deeply sentimental piano that evokes feelings of sombre reflection and a yearning for hope.
137 BPM02:36
Contemplative piece that bursts into life, constantly seeking resolution and looking forwards.
125 BPM02:54
Alt underscore version. Beauty and awe of nature and the environment. Expansive and minimal orchestral score. Space, nature and wonders of the universe. A heartwarming, soft and delicate feel.
113 BPM02:55
Warm, textured piece evoking a feeling of togetherness and renewal.
130 BPM02:24
Emotional rollercoaster of melancholy tinged with a moving sense of determination at it's heart.
50 BPM03:12
Silence and positivity. Sparse string bed with piano sprinkles. Good thoughts. Full mix. Film/TV Styles - Documentary, Drama, Noir, Thriller/Suspense, Underscore. 50 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:13
The main piano theme expresses deep sorrow and tragic thoughts. A reflective score track accompanied by strings. Climax @01:06. 100 BPM. Full mix.
76 BPM02:40
Underscore version. Emotional building theme of hope and determination. Powerful drama and moving story.
64 BPM02:08
Heart-warming piano melody builds with gentle strings and light electro percussion.
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