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154 BPM02:48
Celebratory and bright retro pop featuring positive soulful male vocals and a driving motown rhythm with brass riffs and hand claps and modern electro flourishes

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120 BPM02:38
Being there in a time of need. Light electro pop with a strong message. Hopeful and reassuring male vocal offers the ray of light in testing times.
188 BPM03:24
Catch feels with this steamy, emotive pop track featuring Ransom's smooth vocals, moody keys, guitar and driving rhythm section. Upbeat, romantic and vibey.
115 BPM02:22
Optimistic male vocals over the top of a positive and quirky electronic pop track help to inspire a happy-go-lucky mood with a cheerful outlook. Version - Full
152 BPM02:58
Retro fused big band male vocal pop song. Seriously slick and ready for a top night out.
95 BPM02:04
You're sure to smile to this feel-good indie-pop track starring playful piano, groovy mid-tempo drums, shiny synths, big guitars and lively bass. Cheerful male vocals deliver a hooky melody and keep you locked into feel-good vibes. Sweet! Pop - Rock, Indie Pop. 95 BPM. Full Mix.
186 BPM03:42
Catch the exhilarating energy in this feel-good, uplifting pop tune filled with Ransom's stunning vocals, pulsing synths, slick pianos and lightning-quick drums creating an infectious, thrilling sound. Bright, fun and emotional.
100 BPM03:16
It's truly "All Good" when you're bumpin' fresh new Aexo featuring slick and soulful vocals from Jarrett Burns. This funky and infectious mix of modern and vintage pop/funk/r&b is full of all the good things to make you smile.
128 BPM02:34
A pop-infused, dance floor song with pulsing synths, deep, club bass and driving 4X4 drums. Moody, Energetic, Sexy Soulful. Male Artist
132 BPM04:13
Ransom brings his infectious, exhilarating pop sound in this brilliant indie-electro gem bouncing with lively synths, driving drums, big bass and slick guitars. Upbeat, catchy and FUN.
119 BPM02:29
Memorable funky urban pop
115 BPM02:39
Funky pop/rock summer anthem with slap bass, dynamic funky guitars, retro synths, and rhythmic carefree male vocals.
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