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182 BPM02:53
A music box plays a light melody above swelling strings as synths, glitch effects and pounding drum beats interrupt in this enigmatic hybrid electronica track. Version - Full

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140 BPM01:01
Robotic and electronic glitch, FX heavy. Intense, pulsing melody with piano and beat constantly sliding, stopping, and hesitating. Ends abruptly.
145 BPM02:34
145 BPM02:34
Dark and impactful hip hop with a slow, determined tone
90 BPM03:04
Pulsing keys combine with deep bass lines and grooving electro drums to create confidence and excitement while static, effects and glitches add to the curious, searching vibe of this electronic track. Version - Full
100 BPM02:37
A mysterious piano melody plays the same looming chords throughout while glitchy synth elements, grooving electro beats and rumbling bass create dark edginess in this pulsing electronica track. Version - Full
80 BPM02:50
Delicate piano intro builds to cutting edge, futuristic synced synth riffs.. Robotic EDM. 80bpm. Main Mix.
145 BPM02:10
Sparkling pulses of fresh synths backed by rousing vocal samples and solid beats conjures chilled yet focused confidence.
81 BPM02:16
A futuristic styled electronic song with dark synth melody.
131 BPM01:27
Dark and brooding dub step with powerful beats and a bass driven melody! An angst driven epic where danger and emotion lurk around every corner. Beware swirling synths and sinister stabs, this can be a menacing yet strangely evocative place! Ambient - Electronic. 131 BPM. Full.
150 BPM03:14
Piano hits morph and evolve with added drum programming and percolating synthesizers building the intensity.
140 BPM02:11
140 BPM02:11
Excited and building electronic pop
110 BPM03:19
Electronica - Ambient - Atmospheric. Infantile melodies covered by glitchy beat and dreamy strings. 110 BPM. Full Mix.
150 BPM02:56
Sparkling bell melodies shimmer over laid back synthesizer pads, programmed drums and piano with a relaxed feel.
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