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0 BPM01:51
Grand and nervous cello and violins combine with deep synths

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86 BPM02:48
Deep dark and lonely hybrid tension bed featuring vintage synths and cinematic strings creating a poignant emotional atmosphere building from 1:51
131 BPM02:34
Underscore version.
61 BPM02:14
Beautiful and celestial string underscore with soft and delicate piano keys. Thought provoking and emotive atmospheric documentary bed.
70 BPM02:54
Brooding guitarscapes slowly build the reflective mood with strings and piano. Atmospheric movements, darkness takes over, leading to contemplation.
141 BPM03:00
Breathy chamber strings delicately drifting in a sea of frozen glass. ethereal, hazy. illuminating, bright shining white, D major
113 BPM01:58
113 BPM01:58
Downcast and evil tones on synths
88 BPM02:35
Neutral, atmospheric electronic bed with twinkling piano figures and beautiful cello theme. Calming and exploratory mood. Ideal for indie cinema, documentary, science and nature. 88 BPM.
Dark winters day, fog envelopes the valley, crawling slowly, annulling visibility, dampening dreams
75 BPM01:35
Bleak, haunting impressions of the inhumanity of war.
84 BPM01:45
Ethereal electric guitar, synths, piano and strings combine to make a mood of discovery and hope
120 BPM01:39
120 BPM01:39
Sparkling sounds over deep drone
120 BPM03:34
Psycho situation
99 BPM02:57
Fragile, emotional, empathetic, floating, atmospheric, adagio, sensitive, touching, reflective, thoughtful, suspenseful, dramatic, evolving grave motion, delicate cinematic hybrid soundscape, heartfelt, human emotions, storytelling, moving, memories, farewell, goodbye, melancholy, sad, sentimental, reflecting, grief, sorrow, misery, obituary, tears, lamento, destiny, fate, contemplative, tragic, drama, intimate soft orchestral strings, sophisticated electric guitar pulse, ethereal, atmosphere, subtle, minimalism, ambience, passing time, slow motion, serious, anticipation, fateful, mystery, introspective, melancholic, reminiscence, reminiscing, emotive, tranquil, calm, ambient, mellow, flowing, film, TV, movie, documentary, trailers, fiction, docudrama, lonely, alone, lost, lonesome, caring, care, aid, help, nordic, noir, psychological, crime, tragedy, wide screen, landscape, nature, winter, cold, ice, snow, arctic, cloudy, true stories, biography, art, underscore, bed, soundtrack
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