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95 BPM02:35
Delicate and simple electronica, warm teenage melodies, acoustic guitar freely floating. French male indie vocals. Easy. Youthful. Pleasantly happy. Authentic smiles, B major, 95 BPM

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95 BPM02:10
Soft electro beat. Charming male vocals, French lyrics. Happy, playfully cute, naive. Field of sunflowers. Let's dance, bodies moving and bonding, D major, 95 BPM
90 BPM03:19
Quirky sweet pop with elated guitars, cheerful bells, rhythmic drums, and enthusiastic candied male vocals. Absolute gem in Film, Reality TV, or Commercials. Captivating, On Cloud Nine, Peppy.
80 BPM02:59
catchy muted guitar patterns. boy band delivers sensual male vocals. teenage pop track. electric. seductive - 80 BPM
98 BPM03:15
chilled muted guitars with lustful male vocals. broad grainy claps. a true indie pop love song. erotic. sensual - 98 BPM
95 BPM02:15
Relaxed and romantic reggaeton beginning builds with a determined and insistent vibe. With male vocals.
140 BPM02:24
Romantic pop with spacey, astral sounding synthesizers and emotional male vocals soaring over tight electronic drums, atmospheric pads and pulses.
100 BPM02:20
Determined and rising pop builds with an uplifting and motivational energy. With male vocals.
75 BPM02:11
This warming and optimistic pop track features broad synth pads and bass lines, excitable percussion and happy acoustic guitar for a lively and encouraging vibe. Version - Full
99 BPM02:40
A contemporary R&B flavored boy band jam with syncopated verse rhythms and hooky, melodic choruses. Bright, dance club synth scatter sparkles overtop with arpeggio acoustic guitars adding an organic flavor. Version - Full Mix
88 BPM03:25
Relaxed and laid back hip-hop with a jazzy feel and a relaxed, vibey Cantonese rap overtop.
117 BPM02:20
Urban pop
94 BPM02:36
Exhilarating teen summer feel-good song featuring girl-boy duo. Cheerfully bouncing indie-pop style combining lush neo-classical strings with electronica and brass. Life is good, 94 BPM
101 BPM02:42
Elated and uplifting male vocals sing affectionately in this driving and happily bouncing pop track, with joyously strummed guitar, catchy bass lines, and atmospheric synth effects completing the feel-good vibe. Version - Full
72 BPM03:36
clicking synths, grainy claps like broken glass. electric guitar and confident male vocals. upbeat youthful 80's style pop with rockin' chorus. cocky. - 72 BPM
103 BPM03:07
Electro-pop with an easy flow. Male vocalist sings passionately about emotions, freedom and strength. Guitar, electro drums. German 'when the wind turns, you are strong like a rock' lyrics, 103 BPM
100 BPM03:08
Latin percussion and flamenco nylon guitar phrases are sampled and effected to add a traditional touch to an upbeat electronic pop jam with flowing Spanish vocals and glimmering effects. Version - Full
83 BPM03:35
California cool meets positive pop in this peppy indie tune.
148 BPM02:42
Sugary piano chord progressions, male shoo-wap vocals, brass, sax stabs. Delightfully amorous bubblegum-chart-pop in harmonious flow featuring German 'you smile like an Emoji' lyrics, 148 BPM
79 BPM02:56
Alternative track that serenades featuring reggae guitar rhythm, wide vocals, and grooving drums.
98 BPM02:23
Euphoric, relaxed trap pop layers for a tender, emotional vibe. With male vocals.
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