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72 BPM04:40
Warm keys, bright horns and bluesy guitar combine with heartfelt, soulful vocals in this passionate rhythm and blues tune. Version - Full

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80 BPM03:21
Motivational vibes emanate from celebratory guitars, grooving drums and invigorating male vocals in this soulful gospel tune. Version - Full
90 BPM03:29
Upbeat brass and romantic vocals create purely positive, loving energy in this pop blues song driven by flashy drums and bass. Version - Full
70 BPM03:36
Tender emotions pour out from sincere male vocals, uplifting backing vocals, bluesy guitars and warm piano in this inspiring gospel tune. Version - Full
85 BPM02:49
Reflective R&B pop layered with heartfelt piano, lead synth and powerful drums. Builds dramatically and symphonically. With male vocals.
76 BPM03:40
Features guest artist Paul Barerre on slide guitar. Vocal. Main version.
97 BPM03:13
Warm, angsty, soulful male vocals snake atop lyrical guitar and laid-back bass in this contemporary R&B love song. Version - Full
94 BPM05:11
Gently strumming acoustic guitar, unobtrusive drums and meandering electric guitar solos invite whispery yet overcoming vocals in this understated and soulful folk track. Version - Full
86 BPM02:16
Upbeat and lighthearted pop with a hipster groove that you can't ignore. Soulful piano comfortably sprawls out over a groovy drum beat with punch bass lines leading into a more drawn out chorus. Cool and easy going with nonchalant, soulful vibe. Version - Full Mix with Vocals
120 BPM04:13
Cooly meandering instrumentation of soulfully strummed guitar, upright bass, raspy vocals and pleasantly plucked strings mosey along with unhurried and dreaming sentiments in this folksy Americana song. Version - Full
96 BPM03:27
A positive sounding blues rock tune with masterful slide guitar leads and an affirming female vocal.
96 BPM03:24
God bless the RED, WHITE & BLUE! Celebrate freedom with rockin' guitars, twangy banjo, huge dynamic drums, driving bass and lively fiddle. Gritty vocals sing out loud and proud giving this country/rock anthem the power to fly high! Hold onto to The American Dream! Country - Rock, Western. 96 BPM. Full Mix.
94 BPM05:36
Features guest artists Robben Ford on guitar, Roscoe Beck on bass and Brannen Temple on drums. Vocal. Main version.
86 BPM03:30
Downtempo percussion and acoustic guitar slowly stroll with soulful vocals, bluesy banjo and organ to complete this rootsy and emotive folk track. Version - Full
51 BPM02:12
Passionate soulful plea for love gone wrong. Lyrics about Relationships, Love Lost, Break Ups
75 BPM03:38
A modern approach to an old-school feel, vibey and soulful vocals ooze over a keyboard and acoustic guitar-based groove with tasty lead guitar fills throughout.
103 BPM06:11
Features guest artist Jon Cleary on piano. Vocal. Main version.
107 BPM03:36
Features guest artist Paul Barerre on slide guitar. Vocal. Main version.
88 BPM02:24
Unison electric guitar and bass lines play a simple groove melody that leads into cool chain-gang beat and an upbeat chorus with vintage roots.
92 BPM02:54
Smooth, soulful and fun with a groovin' R&B rhythm section, feel good horn flavor and tasty vocals.
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