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165 BPM01:55
One last forceful push before the exhilaration of a dominant victory.

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95 BPM02:42
Distant sirens, crashing synth stabs, heavily pulsating. Underground dubstep fx. Aggressive, clock-like movement, forceful string ostinatos. Giant brass in savage advancement, 95 BPM
126 BPM02:44
Energetic score with impactful sounds, constructed around polyrhythms.
105 BPM02:00
Powerful, adrenaline-fuelled introduction to the ultimate sporting occasion.
90 BPM02:34
solemn introduction to this cinematic hybrid-orchestra track featuring piano, shining brass, gritty drones, aggressive dubstep sfx and monstrous string cascades revealing ludwig van beethoven's bagatelle no.25, 90 BPM
80 BPM02:03
Disturbing synths and sound design are joined by a brash bass and guitar, exciting string patterns and building percussion to emphasize courage and grit in the face of danger in this rollicking rock hybrid orchestral trailer cue. Version - Full
95 BPM02:25
deep dubstep tremors over a relentless siren pulse. drum rolls. agitated violins climb. urgent. slamming drums, bold brass rising. thunderous hybrid orchestra gaining maximum strength while an epic choir sings to the stars, 95 BPM
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