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95 BPM02:50
Subtle pads and guitar generate a sense of positive reflection while vocals, synths, drums, keys and guitars enter to amplify happiness and satisfaction in this folk scoring cue. Version - Full

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104 BPM02:35
Tender acoustic guitar develops over atmospheric synths in the opening of this hopeful instrumental, with piano, strings, electric guitar and drums entering to increase the sense of overcoming adversity. Version - Full
68 BPM02:35
Strumming acoustic guitar is joined by electric guitar, drums, keys and strings to create a sense of hope and a yearning for a positive future in this expressive acoustic cue. Version - Full
105 BPM02:39
Tender acoustic guitar melodies are joined by electric guitar, piano and strings to bring encouragement and an introspective mood in this subtle scoring cue, with light percussion adding to the passion in the last section. Version - Full
75 BPM02:38
This expressive acoustic instrumental emphasizes hope and inspiration through acoustic guitars, piano and strings along with subtle drums and percussion. Version - Full
77 BPM02:55
Joy and elation blossom from building layers of banjo, guitar, keys, synths and drums in this folk-inspired scoring cue. Version - Full
71 BPM02:16
Subdued and heartfelt acoustic guitars rise toward layers of bold piano, tambourines. Confident and passionate middle mellows to echo heartfelt beginning.
66 BPM02:55
Electric & acoustic guitar with melodic mandolin, lap steel, double bass & brush drums. Tranquil, slow & happy.
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