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125 BPM02:15
Upbeat and punchy classic motown style track with driving rhythm, uplifting horns, rock wah wah guitar solo and vocal accents.

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123 BPM01:58
Dust of those dancing shoes and groove to the sweet soulful sounds of driving drums, joyous brass, melodic guitars and slick bass. Lively strings trade licks with amped up brass in call and answer fashion while a retro guitar lead gets bluesy. 60's - Retro - Rock, R&B. 123 BPM. Full Mix.
200 BPM01:40
Yo Daddy-O listen up! This is a big boys' jam! Rocking and swingin' with pummeling drums, powerful brass, infectious guitars and thick, groovin' bass this upbeat, vintage show stopper will keep the party rockin'! Don't forget the jungle juice. 60's - Retro - Rock, R&B. 200 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:41
Crimefighting from beyond the grave. Relentless blues rock with a ultra slick feel. Chugging guitar riff and glossy brass theme feature.
145 BPM01:34
Retro-a-Go-Go! Get down with this gritty 60's gem featuring rockin' drums, surfy guitars, party brass and wild hand percussion. Kitschy organ and retro keys add even more swagger as this deep cut rides out. Shake it don't break it! 60's - Retro - Rock, Surf. 145 BPM. Full Mix.
135 BPM01:44
Get ready to rock out to this retro blues/soul/R&B gem raging with powerful brass, driving drums and bluesy guitars. Packed with energy, style and grit we'll keep the dance floor movin'! 60's - Retro - Rock, R&B. 135 BPM. Full Mix.
84 BPM03:46
Rock - Surf. Hard-hitting snare drum shuffle with soaring guitars. Full Mix.
82 BPM03:13
kicking, twisting, stirring... this is the kitchen jive! lively, fast and energetic, rockabilly guitars, piano, drums - 82 BPM, Full Mix
150 BPM01:59
Fun & innocent 60's combo. Uplifting tween fun, twistin' with grandma!
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