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170 BPM03:10
Expressive strings and piano are joined by driving drums and guitars to highlight positive emotions and a sense of optimism in this anthemic pop rock instrumental. Version - Full

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116 BPM03:26
Warm strings, acoustic guitar and piano combine with building drums and expressive male vocals to emanate joy and inspiration in this heartwarming pop instrumental. Version - Full
97 BPM01:13
Thoughtful, determined indie rock builds dramatically with inspirational and motivational energy.
132 BPM01:59
Gentle hopeful dreamy tune that quickly and energetically picks up. Stays positive. Continues to build in intensity. Interesting feel good melodies. Emotional strings.
112 BPM01:58
Achieving success. Widescreen rock epos featuring uplifting piano, big drums, heroic guitar and majestic strings building to climax. 112 BPM. Full mix.
135 BPM02:19
Emotive and heartfelt piano unfolds into an driving and uplifting synth pop anthem.
104 BPM01:00
60 second version.
130 BPM03:06
Emotional piano with positive strings
84 BPM03:33
Beautiful and engaging hopeful beginning builds to huge, spacious anthem rock finish with male vocal.
54 BPM02:48
Warm bass, synths and piano open this uplifting pop instrumental while drums and strings enter to ramp up the joyful energy. Version - Full
96 BPM02:57
Subtle, emotional beginning builds and layers to upbeat, inspiring anthem rock finish
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