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64 BPM02:25
A cinematic alternative pop song with a soulful blues guitar, sexy strings and passionate yet alluring female vocals that describe the image of a strong and confident woman. The verses build up and reach an emotional peak before going into the call and response chorus. Key: D minor. 64 Bpm. Full Mix.

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80 BPM02:57
The mysterious seductive allure for the bad boys
123 BPM03:00
Impassioned vocals set a dark haunting mood
105 BPM03:33
This anthemic indie pop tune features bold female vocals, expressive keys and minimal beats, with evocative synths, effects and guitar rounding out the atmospheric, spacey vibes. Version - Full
66 BPM02:47
Lovers rock with gritty female lead vocals reaches up to the stars. Claps, hard-hitting drums, buzzing guitars ascending, soulful piano and strings lifting in a euphoric wave. Body swaying harmony, 66 BPM
65 BPM02:56
Piano ballad chords with a soulful backdrop, female vocals, bluesy guitar licks. Intense feelings of epic proportion. Body swaying lovers rock. Sweet melancholy, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:21
Extreme emotional love lyrics, touching piano chords, rough female rock virtuoso vocals. The crowd claps along. Sweet melancholic heaven full of heartbreak and tears, 65 BPM
105 BPM02:43
Expressive female vocals radiate encouragement and support while emotional piano progressions, spacey pads and chill drums add to the joyful, heartfelt mood in this indie pop folk tune. Version - Full
81 BPM02:59
A laid-back beat and steady piano progressions keep pace while soulful female vocals and warm organ emphasize empowerment and strength in this soaring indie R&B tune. Version - Full
120 BPM02:52
Breathy moody female vocal track
90 BPM02:11
Facing troubled waters this track walks the line between hard rock, dark wave and gothic rock even adding 90s sounds. Simmering and regretful verse folowed by heartfelt bridge going into the driving chorus. Brooding part @01:19. Break @01:15. Key: D minor. 90 Bpm. Full Mix.
120 BPM03:13
Dressed to kill and go out with a confident sexy attitude. This seductive slow-jam groove builds to a power synth anthem geared to turn up with the crowd. Electronic drums, blues guitar and sweeping synths brew a a luscious flirtatious cocktail. Great for housewive shows real or fake, also sports teams coming out on the field.
152 BPM03:27
Dark moody bad dreams whispering in your ear
130 BPM02:07
Slow urban R&B grooves stylized with vintage Rhodes piano lines, old-school brass and group vocal textures creates a sexy, '70s chic vibe to set your romantic mood.
100 BPM04:05
An emotional, passionate country ballad with a massive, uplifting sentiment in the chorus evoking triumphant heroes overcoming any difficulty.
103 BPM03:35
Mesmerising indie art pop piano ballad with intrigue and drama - dynamic builds, darkly sensuous, romantic and glorious female vocals from indie singer-songwriter Steph Brown
124 BPM03:27
A bold electronica beat and bass line grinds along while evocative female vocals offer courage in this heartfelt, anthemic pop electro tune, with mesmerizing synths and effects rounding out the spacey vibes. Version - Full
70 BPM03:02
Bold drum grooves and synth bass lines confidently push forward while dignified female vocals and percolating synth arrangements develop in this tenacious indie pop tune. Version - Full
75 BPM03:25
Positive and reflective trip hop with piano creating an intimate, sensual atmosphere from Morcheeba Productions, composed by world-renowned trip hop pioneers Paul Godfrey and Rachel Cuming and produced by Paul Godfrey for Sacrosync Ltd.
120 BPM03:50
Powerful stirring vocals help this track to soar to epic heights
120 BPM03:50
Powerful stirring vocals help this track to soar to epic heights
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