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151 BPM03:12
Proto electro gently speeding, coming on strong, vibing. Swift 8th note bass lines pumping, chilling in the fast lane. Focussed kraut drums, electric guitars and piano melodies unwinding. Atmospheric tripping, E major, 151 BPM
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130 BPM04:10
Retro futuristic Proto techno electro-pop holding a positive glide. Transportation technology. Beam me up, E-flat major, 130 BPM
160 BPM02:26
Powerful electronic beats back towering synths and vibrant, effervescent guitar hooks that conjure positivity and celebration.
155 BPM02:24
Glistening, soaring guitar licks are backed by shimmering synths in a confident, mellow tune full of wondrous optimism.
144 BPM02:16
Positive guitar licks build along with busy indie beats to an effusive chorus that brims with happiness, freedom and inspiring optimism.
128 BPM02:56
Positive cool contemporary mid-tempo guitar rock dream pop with big driving rhythmic hooks and riff great for commercial, promos and sports
134 BPM04:07
Experimental jazz-rock, vinyl noise floor, electro-dub jam, drifting. Spheric vocals. Futuristic, chilled. Hazy trip, E major, 134 BPM
141 BPM02:26
Pop. Experimental, Pop, Rock, Band, Alternative, Different, Driving, Acoustic Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Medium, Indie. Full Mix. 141 BPM.
145 BPM01:40
145 BPM01:40
Punchy indie rock, melodic, emotive, youthful and raw!
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