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144 BPM01:56
Passionate fusion of eastern and western styles with driving syncopated rhythms, fiery cello and piano to create a powerful haunting theme.
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98 BPM02:44
Superb neo classical theme featuring classical guitar and cello with a pensive celestial feel. Stargazing, Astrology, Contemplative, Tender.
60 BPM02:21
gentle fluttering piano introduces moody pulses and lush gliding strings, building, lifting, captivating. soaring cello melody. gentle explosions like fleeting revelations, 60 BPM
75 BPM03:47
Epic theme builds with vocal chants, percussion, anguished cello and intense strings. Dramatic, Emotive, Threatening.
140 BPM02:40
140 BPM02:40
Grand epic action theme with bold dynamics and a historical feel making it ideal for promos & trailers. Orchestral, Climatic, Action, Conflict.
120 BPM02:28
Beautiful minimal neo-classical piece for strings, cello, piano and mallets. Poignant, Touching, Emotional.
130 BPM02:29
Expressive violin floats over gently repeating piano patterns, with powerful strings, brass and percussion increasing the sense of urgency in this dramatically epic orchestral trailer cue. Version - Full
75 BPM02:46
Like the wind changes directions, this song features various parts with different dynamics. Starting off with a ticking rhythm, percussion and mallets, strings pick up the pace and increase the suspense, while synth pads remind you of the airy theme. The arrangement slows down a tad from @01:30 until @02:02, when the wind subsides and strings and pads slowly fade away. 75 Bpm. Full Mix.
75 BPM04:00
An elevating score of graceful piano and acoustic guitar wandering through forsaken landscapes. Deep drum hits deliver a cinematic perspective. Subversive orchestral movements coming in waves, rising, heading towards a dark finale, A minor, 75 BPM
61 BPM02:54
Mysterious, floating electronic piece with an otherwordly feel.
120 BPM05:04
Dramatic piece with strings, electronic percussion and modern percussive effects.
120 BPM01:47
A thoughtful piano starts this track and a ticking clock counts in the dramatic rhynthm strings along a relentless drum beat that instantly create excitement. The emotive violin lead gets support from string swells and piano accompaniment. The light build-up ends on a piano outro. 120 Bpm. Full Mix.
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