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75 BPM03:33
Fragile bed of silky strings. The trickling of a spring, profound magical beauty of nature. Gentle female vocal samples, almost angelic. Warm vibrations, authentic sentiments, 75 BPM
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128 BPM03:09
Frothing waves of bubbling synth, strings, piano, angelic whispers. Dreaming. In awe. Floating by on a cloud of heavenly sound. Multi-dimensional beings. Ever so tender, 128 BPM
91 BPM02:15
91 BPM02:15
Ambient glow with shifting moody textures and light pulse.
60 BPM02:59
Synth pads soar calmly through a drowsy atmosphere. Another synth and bright piano wake up slowly as a yearning synth voice calls a soft rhythm to come in and support the otherwise shapeless arrangement. 60 Bpm. Full Mix.
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