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112 BPM02:38
This joyful Puerto Rican Christmas tune features merry male vocals in Spanish, buoyant flute melodies and grooving Latin percussion to create a celebratory, party-like vibe. Version - Full

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116 BPM02:16
Bold trombones and grooving Latin percussion combine with passionate male vocals in Spanish along with playful guitar and bass to create an invigorating, joyful mood in this Puerto Rican Christmas tune. Version - Full
140 BPM02:13
Energetic Latin percussion and guitar combine with rousing male vocals in Spanish to create a festive atmosphere in this joyful Puerto Rican Christmas tune. Version - Full
93 BPM05:09
World - Caribbean. Son montuno - pulsating percussion accompanied by vocals in a lively and pleasant Caribbean atmosphere. Full Mix
105 BPM02:30
Elated clarinet melodies and joyful vocals in Spanish celebrate the Christmas season in this Puerto Rican tune, with guitar, cuatro, accordion and Latin percussion rounding out the celebratory vibe. Version - Full
111 BPM03:59
World - Caribbean. Son / rumba - a mixture of rumba and son with percussion improvisation. Easy to dance to with a fun beat and dancing flute. Full Mix
139 BPM04:48
World - Caribbean. Son cubano tradicional - involves sensual lyrics, street wisdom and very catchy rhythmic structures. Full Mix
150 BPM02:48
World - Caribbean. Son montuno - a dance and singing style born in Cuba and spread into whole Carribean with a lively, effortless vibe. Full Mix
120 BPM02:23
Vibrant piano patterns and rousing Latin percussion keep things upbeat while joyful vocals in Spanish and bold trombones add to the festive Christmas vibes in this Puerto Rican tune. Version - Full
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