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148 BPM03:07
Uneasy reflections about the future. Building cyclic patterns featuring church organ, woodwind, and analogue synths.

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106 BPM02:00
Rhythmic circling strings with modular synths & simple triangle. Building complexity. Questioning & interesting. To & fro...
0 BPM01:08
Vibrant, energetic sense of urgency and determination.
0 BPM01:12
Fast moving sense of shifting tension and breathtaking action.
90 BPM02:24
This track takes you all the way up to space with its flashy synths. A light feel of drama counters the spacy synth while the accordion plays in a low register which makes it more atmospheric. Key: A minor. 90 Bpm. Full Mix.
58 BPM02:14
Busy strings with bold filmic brass, synths & floaty flutes. Rhythmic & analytical, rousing & expectant.
100 BPM02:07
100 BPM02:07
Waves of excitement and urgency permeate as a crucial breakthrough is made.
171 BPM03:04
Driving repetitive synth bass builds, dramatic drums and layers of arpeggiated synths evolve into this dark 80s electro anthem.
0 BPM01:07
Agile strings provide a charming sense of beauty and wonder.
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