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123 BPM01:52
Swingin London Town theme on brass; hammond; drum kit and electric guitar

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91 BPM01:39
Slap stick retro detective theme, confident, upbeat and fun, crime caper.
123 BPM01:45
Catchy, confident 70's guitar riff with funky tune, smooth and cool retro track.
134 BPM02:14
Happy and easy going vintage background track with positive, uptempo beats.
140 BPM02:15
Groovy big-beat. Kitschy brass theme with a funky rhythm backing. Unrelenting feel but has splashes of editing points.
115 BPM02:59
Shitty is pretty: an indie label take on J.B.'esque funk instrumentals, with prominent horns, sax feature, bad-ass drums, lo-fi analog tape sound. 115 BPM
102 BPM02:05
Deep bass groove with soulful funk brass top line, kitsch and retro detective.
136 BPM01:55
Speedy drums, manic Stylophone and panic guitars. Runaway Funk. 136bpm. Main Mix.
120 BPM02:16
120 BPM02:16
Attention grabbing funk track with guitar and percussion
118 BPM02:07
Chunky bass and beats, swabby brass, this one stings a bit. Scrappy Funk. 118bpm. Main Mix.
114 BPM01:01
Electronic - Funk. Come on ladies, work those legs. An upbeat electronica track that'll get your body movin'. Full Mix Full Mix.
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