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126 BPM02:24
126 BPM02:24
Determined and motivating indie rock with synths and a mood of anticipation

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120 BPM03:13
Pulling a late one' vibes to make that deadline. Groovy House. 120bpm. Main Mix.
123 BPM02:41
Pushy, positive and goal oriented corporate funk. Phat Corporate House. 123bpm. Main Mix.
120 BPM02:17
Funky break-beats and filtered basslines roll over syncopated picked guitars. Pulsing chords settle in building to the end of the track, and a squelchy acid lead kicks in half way through. A modern ode to the 70's halcyon days of funk. Breaks - Electronic. 120 BPM. Full.
125 BPM03:01
Positive electro girly euro dance track like in the 90s. Version - Main
122 BPM02:15
Period & Archival - Kitsch Retro Lounge - Disco. Full Mix. BPM 122.
125 BPM02:28
Upbeat cool electronic dance track with funky disco guitar hooks, driving beats, quirky melodic synths, sfx and vocal accents.
127 BPM02:12
Serious adrenalin packed techno with a funky twist! Thumping club beats and throbbing dub bass lines create an enthralling dance feel. Minimal funk guitar and visceral synths punctuate the pulsating rhythm! Big synths stab through an anthemic breakdown before kicking back into the main floor groove! Technology, power and precision engineering are clearly at play here. Turn this one up loud in the car a take it for a spin! Pop. 126.5 BPM. Full.
125 BPM01:38
World - Promo. A funky, upbeat, blood pumping piece that can capture the energy the 70's and contempuary post punk. Full Mix
122 BPM02:12
122 BPM02:12
Optimistic electronic melodies driven by energetic rhythms. Uplifting synths meet delicate electric guitar pushed forward by soft dance beats in this euphoric piece. As the track begins to soar, the upfront synthesisers find themselves smothered in warm pad textures but, urged on by bouncy beats and funky bass they are never dragged down to earth. A fun, cute, playful and positive tune for that warm and fuzzy feeling! Electronic - Dance, Pop. 122 BPM. Full.
115 BPM02:20
Dance, Electro, Funky, Funk, Disco, Groovy. Electro - Disco. 115 BPM. Full.
125 BPM02:24
Pop meets disco, in this upbeat quirky tune. Wah guitar keeps pace as four-on-the-floor drums and a laser-sharp bass line keep the groove on track. Spaced-out synths and textured vocals float over the top for a slightly psychedelic vibe.
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