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Serious, mysterious, pumping swing with an air of investigation by a sleuth.

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120 BPM02:28
Bright, chirpy beats back lighthearted, jolly piano and joyful clarinet in a delightfully effusive, vintage romp.
Moody, serious, pumping stomper, Confident/Strong/Proud and driven. Man on a mission.
112 BPM02:06
Upbeat retro electro swing with zany guitar melody, bright brass section and wordless vocals.
125 BPM01:37
Whether it's a drawing or a child's play, the heart is laughing. Beautifully playful and loving. 125 BPM. Full mix.
Nostalgic, sentimental storyteller with an infectious Gypsy swing guitar theme and southern style backbeat.
124 BPM02:06
Cheerful and retro brass melody with a dancefloor mixup
118 BPM02:39
Cimbalom kicks off this swaying gypsy jazz groove. Electronic drums give this piece a nuevo twist while fiddle, brass, and accordion take it to its roots.
Happy go lucky and Confident/Strong/Proud strolling tune for celebrating good news and achievements
Happy, comic and humorous Gypsy swing ensemble performance with a touch of up-tempo slapstick fun.
124 BPM01:49
Bouncy beat with brass and dancefloor influences
Happy, joyous and euphoric party theme for celebration and nostalgia.
126 BPM02:17
Woo-hoo groove with chunky bass and kerrr-razy piano, fiddle. Flappy Electro Swing. 126bpm. Main Mix.
130 BPM02:23
Up-tempo, kooky track with electro beats under playful and bouncy bass, brass and marimbas with retro female vocal harmonies.
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