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87 BPM03:01
Optimism in the face of challenges is elicited by male vocals declaring "carry on" while grooving beats, rich synths, warm keys and smooth guitar grind ahead in this pop tune. Version - Full

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83 BPM04:02
Hope radiates in this positive pop tune, with inspiring male vocals, grooving beats, smooth electric guitar melodies and rich bass lines emphasizing optimism. Version - Full
90 BPM02:02
Carefree male vocals express a desire to move on while warm synths and keys along with grooving beats and effected background vocals round out the sense of optimism in this pop electronic tune. Version - Full
100 BPM02:00
A fresh and modern pop song with bouncy energy and auto-tuned male vocals.
73 BPM02:29
This mesmerizing K-Pop tune radiates with a sense of longing and desire through male vocals in Korean, with grooving beats, deep bass lines and rich synths adding to the emotions. Version - Full
65 BPM02:42
This passionate K-Pop tune features smooth male vocals in Korean, optimistic synth and guitar melodies and grooving EDM beats, everything radiating euphoria and romance. Version - Full
100 BPM03:53
Indie rock meets EDM synths with clear male lead vocal. Deep four-on-the-floor kick, pulsing synths, effected vocals, and heartfelt guitar. Melodic, driven, and honest.
106 BPM03:07
Energetic and uplifting radio future bass song featuring emotional female vocals, syncopated electronic beat and fresh synths.
127 BPM02:43
A Pop ballad with rap and lead vocals. Dynamic beats, underlying floating piano, driving bridge. Affirming, emotional, and honest.
107 BPM02:03
Fresh, chart-topping pop with catchy synths, uplifting female vocals, and summery Reggaeton style beat.
95 BPM02:57
Romantic and sexy modern pop meets future bass with autotuned vocals and modern piano chords.
136 BPM01:28
Driving beats with a unique synth loop and hard hitting bass, with soulful female vocals. Cool, driving, sexy.
103 BPM01:38
Ethereal vocals, dance beats, and funk guitars with a top 40 melody.
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