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48 BPM02:08
This intimate ballad about wishful thinking with an inspirational meaning features minimal but touching piano accompaniment and soulful background vocals. You can't help but fall for the heartfelt lead vocals with its diplay of affection and togetherness. 48 Bpm. Full Mix.

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102 BPM02:52
Growing & inspiring. Uplifting piano with light strings & female vocals. "Staying close, leaving fear behind". Version - Full
106 BPM03:43
Simple delicate indie piano ballad with gentle contemplative strings and sensous vocals by indie singer-songwriter Steph Brown
64 BPM03:12
Heartfelt intimate piano tones drift along with a hypnotizing erotic voice, as silky and smooth as dark crimson velvet. Touching, gloomy, seriously emotional, a cross between desperation and the most wonderful melancholy. Unanswered love. Painful memories, F minor, 64 BPM
96 BPM01:02
Mystic and hopeful holiday wish for happiness and joy. Female vocal with a dramatic solo violin, cello, piano and guitar ensemble.
72 BPM03:44
Evocative female vocals offer encouragement and support while building string arrangements and steady piano progressions radiate bliss and hope in this passionate indie pop tune. Version - Full
87 BPM03:40
Melancholy and ballad are accompanied by beautiful positive piano sounds. The female voice sounds very emotional and soulful. It sounds like parting and dreams, but as positive and gentle as a bedtime song. 87 BPM. Full mix.
65 BPM02:57
Cycling piano progressions share a sentimental melody. Soft whispered lyrics, harmonious, light. A gentle breeze magically lifts the kite high into the sky. Smiles. Ease, 65 BPM
67 BPM01:00
A beautiful, contemplative reflection on the passing year, with hope and belief in the New Year. Soul searching female vocal with acoustic guitar.
83 BPM02:22
Dark piano ballad of great simplicity and innocence. Lo-Fi nostalgia. Escaping this world. Ethereal vocals arrangements painting a bewildering picture, C minor, 83 BPM
119 BPM02:46
Building towards a journey of self-discovery. Indulgent female vocals guide you in this poignant pop ballad which grows in confidence.
105 BPM02:43
Expressive female vocals radiate encouragement and support while emotional piano progressions, spacey pads and chill drums add to the joyful, heartfelt mood in this indie pop folk tune. Version - Full
108 BPM03:14
Beautiful reflective indie pop ballad slowly building with minimal piano and strings and punctuated with simple woodwind motifs by indie art pop singer-songwriter Steph Brown
66 BPM03:20
The beginning. A love as fresh and bright as the morning sun. Sweet and lighthearted piano ballad with cute and playful female vocals, with reminiscences to vintage cinema romance. 66 BPM. Full mix
112 BPM03:16
This indie pop tune features breezy female vocals, warm piano progressions, grooving electronic beats and mesmerizing synth arrangements to evoke perseverance and confidence. Version - Full
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