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83 BPM02:32
Upbeat vintage Hollywood-style big band jazz. Whistling Santa is in town. Smooth male lead vocals with finger snaps and backing voices. Brushed drums, walking bass, muted trumpets are wailing and pumping, baritone saxes, soloing trombone. Cool cats playing it smooooooth, 83 BPM

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68 BPM03:24
Christmas delight with a strong 50's New York reminiscence. Professionally bouncing Hollywood big band jam and smooth crooning male vocals. Jazzy, lively. Pumping brass and woodwind sections, cute drum kicks. Shoulders shrugging, heels a-tapping. Elegance and smiles, 68 BPM
88 BPM02:18
Punchy big band vocal. Version - Main
75 BPM03:00
Easy bebop big band with solos
96 BPM02:27
Vocal jazz waltz in the style of Michel Legrand. Version - Main
110 BPM02:46
Elegant big band jazz score, swinging cymbals, mellow drums, melodic walking bassline. Relaxed, ultra-smooth. Sensually tinkling piano solo. Full of old-time classic sax appeal, 110 BPM
190 BPM01:12
Drumming intro, full swinging call-response big band arrangement featuring saxophones, brass, walking bass, tapping cymbals, piano. Light, virtuoso, easy rolling. Vibing entertainment with a classy undertone, B-flat major, 190 BPM
70 BPM01:50
A seductive and sentimental piece with gentle, alluring brass that drifts and bounces lightly, alluding to a charmingly vintage scene.
139 BPM01:04
Classic showbiz swinging play on play off
0 BPM06:00
Easy, driving, happy, positive, acid soul-jazz, with piano, sax and brass, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, themes, trailer, urban, underscore, easy listening, lounge, lifestyle, retro, 60s style, period, jazz, funk, soul, comedy, kitsch, holiday, feel good, fun, instrument, soundalikes, homepage, chic, show, entertainment
111 BPM03:06
Slinky moody urban opening cat burglar style muted brass swinging club scene
119 BPM02:12
Sax section led bouncy instrumental. Version - Main
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