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110 BPM02:29
Celebratory and fun funky electro pop featuring anthemic positive female vocals creating a thrilling party vibe and driving dance beat

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125 BPM02:32
Upbeat teen pop with sexy brass and a rippin' sax solo make this the perfect soundtrack to young love.
125 BPM02:31
Celebratory and fun dance pop featuring joyful female vocals creating an anthemic mood with a driving euphoric party beat
120 BPM01:59
A special chemistry. Hitting the party vibes with this uplifting EDM anthem. Confident and flowing female vocal provides the momentum.
118 BPM04:01
Give in to the sugary-sweet sounds of this ecstatic pop/dance/rock track filled with driving drums, playful guitars, deep bass and shimmering synths! Sing along with the feel-good, girl-in-love female vocals. Pop - Pop Rock, Dance. 118 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:19
Share a Moment! This invigorating, feel-good, electro-pop/rock gem shines with shimmering synths, driving dance drums, playful guitars, melodic chime lead and warm bass all grooving together under a hooky, sing-a-long female vocal that dares you not to smile! C'mon share a moment! Pop - Pop Rock, Indie. 100 BPM. Full Mix.
99 BPM03:15
99 BPM03:15
Inspiring pop with guitar, driving percussion, synths and vocals
115 BPM03:40
Shiny synths, floaty melodies, electro beat, female 'pictures in my head' vocals, clicks. Casual, glossy, sensual. Pop galore, 115 BPM
129 BPM02:36
Glossy and shimmering with bright, fuzzy synth pulses creating an ambient feel over punchy drum programming, soaring synth filters and automated vocals. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM02:14
Young love is in the air in this upbeat, melodic electro-pop dance track featuring smooth, romantic male vocals, moving guitars, piano and deep bass. POI @ :37 filtered synths rise into a pounding 4 on the floor dance groove with lively synth lines, pounding drums and active bass. We've got a crush... Pop - Dance, Electro-Pop. 125 BPM. Full Mix.
127 BPM04:04
Groove to this exhilarating, uplifting electro-pop/dance power ballad filled with pulsing synths, driving 4-on-the-floor drums, chiming guitars and POI @ :44 soaring, emotional female vocals. POI @ 1:16 Dancefloor explosion with driving drums, pumping bass and electrifying, melodic synths! Pop - Dance, Electronic. 127 BPM. Full Mix.
124 BPM02:47
Pounding electro drums, bouncing house-driven teen synth-pop beat. Naughty girl vocals, bubbalicious sex on a platter, 124 BPM
92 BPM03:17
Emotive piano ballad leading to a uplifting build with guitar, drum kit, synth and vocal
124 BPM04:10
Fun, upbeat indie track with warm synthesizer swells over popping electronic percussion supporting cool female vocals.
125 BPM02:41
Premium, driving dance-pop with female lead vocal and chopped and pitch-shifted samples
130 BPM02:11
Together anything is possible. The Three Musketeers now include women in the ranks. Male and female vocals tag team in this bubbly, upbeat dance influenced pop tune. Bouncy synth bass and 4-on-the-floor kick drum throughout. Vocal. Main Version.
123 BPM02:00
Bright and motivational electro pop featuring positive female vocals and a shimmering driving dance beat
110 BPM02:59
Sexy and emotional female vocal electronic pop song with beautiful buildups climaxing with highly energetic choruses.
124 BPM03:19
Electronica leisure pop. Bouncy disco dance beat. Fun-loving teen girl vocals. Cute giggles, girlie chitter-chatter, girl-power attitude, 124 BPM
158 BPM03:11
Driving, feel-good electro-indie-pop anthem with bright synths, pulsing guitars and big drums all racing under impassioned, anthemic female vocals. Version - Full
100 BPM03:22
This spirited pop groove features upbeat synthesizer, lively electronic percussion and sultry, soulful female vocals to convey hope and confidence meant to encourage. Version - Full
115 BPM02:24
Synth bass and an electronic drum groove combined with shimmering synths in this pop electro hit.
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