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95 BPM02:52
Brit Fox; Female Hip Hop, modern, rap, featuring flute melody. Ambitious, confident, boastful with lyrics about money.

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104 BPM02:05
Rap - East Coast. Powerful synth melody and beat accompanied by vocals. Hip hop club scene type track. Full Mix
102 BPM03:04
Enthusiastic urban hip-hop with cheerful gritty synths, hard hitting stomps, excitable claps, and female English rap vocals. Cool favorite in Ads, Commercials, Film. Club Banger, Feisty, Summer Hit.
100 BPM03:18
Unpredictable and sexy female rap lyrics flow in between flirty sounding melodic vocal lines with a breathy texture. Steamy and promiscuous, with a punchy, provocative beat. Version - With Vocals
75 BPM02:05
Sassy female vocals accentuate this empowered electro swing that defines the test of time, as marvelous guitars and soarin' brass hits emphasize this optimistic anthem.
120 BPM03:47
Don't let this tune trick you. It has quite the sassy feel, but the lyrics are refreshingly nice and friendly. It starts off with a fuzzy synth and tricky pounding drums. Whoa oh's at 1:04. Playful back and forth vocal at 2:12. Only vocal and synth at 2:43. Dance, Club, Upbeat, Positive, Movie, Fun, Party, Beat, Synth, Drum Machine, Female Vocal. Rock - Pop. Full Mix.
102 BPM03:03
Pop - Dance - Urban. Dramatic effects on female vocals, radio friendly pop track with a make you wanna bounce thick beat. Change of rhythm at 1:00 with a hard hitting rap. Synth, Keyboard, hip drums. 102 bpm. Full Mix.
77 BPM03:26
Gutsy southern-inspired rock hybrid with tribal style drums, defiant electric guitars, stomp clap grooves and unruly, fierce female vocals that skew from pithy raps to hard-hitting anthemic choruses.
136 BPM03:46
Energetic dance pop drops to a half-time chorus with swagger and shimmering synthesizer effects.
120 BPM02:27
Hip Hop - Urban. Club favorite, a sensual flirtation between rapped, male verses and female vocal chorus. Vocal. 120 bpm.
90 BPM02:44
Cool and fresh with luxurious and ornamented vocal delivery over tough beats, huge 808 bass and a repetitive synth theme. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM03:29
Mid-tempo, electro-infused Korean hip-hop with tech-driven trap beats, 808 bass and a mechanical sounding vocal hook. Korean and English versions available.
93 BPM01:48
The Ladies representing, can you bring it?. Version - Full Mix
150 BPM02:44
bad girl vocals with a tight bouncing half-time hip hop beat, seriously screeching synth fx, drifting into a rude drum'n'bass attitude @ 0'38. teenage rage electro-pop. energetic. percussive, A minor, 150 BPM
194 BPM02:50
Pop - Dance - Jamaican. Island Pop, dance beat, sexy and tantalizing female vocals, lead you to the dance floor Jamaican Rasta rap, synths, industrial sounds, hard hitting chorus. 194 bpm. Full Mix.
122 BPM02:24
Low bass rumbles the trunk with female rap attitude and cool synthesizer bell melodies under the hood.
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