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100 BPM02:08
Raw and poppy feel-good indie folk track bursting with energy and a catchy vocal chorus just made for advertising.

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116 BPM02:04
Good-natured vocal catch phrase "How you been" matched with positive up-tempo indie folk backing makes this track perfect for happy commercials or promos.
161 BPM02:06
Warm and friendly track featuring male vocals with a positive message singing "just what I need". Ideal for commercials or anywhere you need feel-good Indie folk.
89 BPM02:15
Thoughtful and appreciative track with vocal catch phrase "you bring out the best in me" will add the warm and fuzzies to any commercial or promo.
106 BPM02:34
Feel good alternative pop
65 BPM02:30
Swampy percussion rhythms and chicken pickin' guitars accompany you as you travel along the riverbanks in Alabama.
94 BPM01:59
Positive folk with rhythm and drive, perfect for an outdoor activity montage
92 BPM02:30
Folk, Acoustic, Uplifting, Positive, Guitar. Folk. 92 BPM. Full.
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