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122 BPM03:29
Fragile piano and delicate vocals build with lush pads to evoke feelings of devotion and emotional hope.

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140 BPM04:09
Emotional piano and soft vocals intertwine beautifully to conjure a scene filled with tender hope and love.
165 BPM03:25
Bright guitar melodies, soft pads and delicate vocals build to an anthemic chorus filled with powerful optimism and thoughtfulness.
75 BPM04:04
Emotive strings and guitar back a tender and heartfelt voice filled with passion, reflection and yearning.
120 BPM03:22
Emotional piano and tender vocals backed by subtle beats paint an emotional scene filled with reflection and wistfulness.
115 BPM03:29
Plucked acoustic guitar and optimistic vocals build with wondrous, emotive power to and powerful and touching chorus.
132 BPM03:47
Emotive ambient pulses, tender guitar and heartfelt vocals build to an emotional chorus that conjures hope, optimism and fragility.
147 BPM03:07
Tender guitar and piano introduce a delicate male voice that builds with a passionate, emotive message filled with love and reflection.
167 BPM03:17
Sensitive acoustic guitar and piano back an emotive male voice with themes of redemption and hope.
120 BPM02:48
Determined mood that speaks of determination, truth and the quest for resolve.
120 BPM02:46
An emotive, soulful message from the heart steered by a beautiful piano-led melody.
140 BPM02:50
Powerful, moody piece that paints a picture of passion and something unresolved.
104 BPM03:13
Shimmering pulses, delicate guitar and gentle piano backs emotive vocals with a message of adoration and emerging love.
74 BPM04:34
Emotional male vocals yearn for a lover who has left, hoping that he returns, with expressive guitar, piano and strings adding to the melancholic mood in this subdued pop folk tune. Version - Full
78 BPM04:29
Heartfelt piano and vocal ballad dedicated to heroes and victims. What matters in the end? Piano and guitar sound design with guitar e-bow hook.
98 BPM03:36
This passionate synth pop features subtly melancholic lyrics expressing romantic loss and closure while emotional guitar, synth and keys combine with grooving electro beats to round out the heartfelt emotions. Version - Full
80 BPM03:05
Emotions well up through a heartfelt plea for mercy and a new start.
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