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104 BPM03:13
Shimmering pulses, delicate guitar and gentle piano backs emotive vocals with a message of adoration and emerging love.

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132 BPM03:47
Emotive ambient pulses, tender guitar and heartfelt vocals build to an emotional chorus that conjures hope, optimism and fragility.
115 BPM03:29
Plucked acoustic guitar and optimistic vocals build with wondrous, emotive power to and powerful and touching chorus.
75 BPM04:04
Emotive strings and guitar back a tender and heartfelt voice filled with passion, reflection and yearning.
111 BPM03:23
Dreamy synths and guitar radiate optimism while encouraging male vocals offer hope in this indie electro pop tune. Version - Full
165 BPM03:25
Bright guitar melodies, soft pads and delicate vocals build to an anthemic chorus filled with powerful optimism and thoughtfulness.
165 BPM03:26
Ambient beats, soft synths and tender vocals build to an emotive chorus filled with reflection and thoughtfulness.
120 BPM03:22
Emotional piano and tender vocals backed by subtle beats paint an emotional scene filled with reflection and wistfulness.
167 BPM03:17
Sensitive acoustic guitar and piano back an emotive male voice with themes of redemption and hope.
147 BPM03:07
Tender guitar and piano introduce a delicate male voice that builds with a passionate, emotive message filled with love and reflection.
140 BPM04:09
Emotional piano and soft vocals intertwine beautifully to conjure a scene filled with tender hope and love.
74 BPM04:34
Emotional male vocals yearn for a lover who has left, hoping that he returns, with expressive guitar, piano and strings adding to the melancholic mood in this subdued pop folk tune. Version - Full
122 BPM03:29
Fragile piano and delicate vocals build with lush pads to evoke feelings of devotion and emotional hope.
77 BPM03:33
Tender acoustic guitar and piano with strings, building to an optimistic uplifting resolution with a driving, epic ending.
62 BPM01:37
Peaceful piano, spacious production and an uplifting drop.
96 BPM03:11
Flourishing strings carry this percolating track that soars with electric guitars and hard-hitting drums dramatically climaxing as layered male vocals elegantly voice the possibilities of chasing dreams through the dark.
125 BPM02:58
Motivating alternative rock track featuring steady drums, calming piano, uplifting guitars and brave empathetic male vocals. Potent addition to Film, Reality and Dramatic programming. Belief, Inspiring, Courage, Strength.
120 BPM03:25
Playful male vocals, subtle backing vocals and bouncing keys combine with grooving drums, percussion and bass to express a cheery, optimistic vibe in this fun pop folk tune. Version - Full
111 BPM04:30
Strumming acoustic guitar is joined by warm synths, optimistic male vocals and determined electric guitar, with a driving drum beat entering only for the final refrain in this building electro rock tune. Version - Full
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