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94 BPM03:05
This optimistic pop tune features encouraging female vocals, breezy, flowing synths pads, catchy string riffs and grooving hybrid electronic beats. Version - Full

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76 BPM03:00
Nostalgic female vocals softly reminisce over heartfelt piano, acoustic guitar and a gentle yet driving acoustic beat, building to a yearning climax in this caring and emotive tune. Version - Full
83 BPM03:03
A breezy pop love song with optimisim and wide-eyed innocence to spare, accentuated by energetic drums, claps, bright guitars and R&B-nuanced female vocals.
153 BPM03:29
Dramatic female led electronic fused pop rock song. Driven to make the change.
124 BPM03:55
Pop ballad galore, dreamy rolling piano lines. Romantic female vocals, craving love and sensual devotion over a straight 4-to-the-floor beat, 124 BPM
110 BPM03:24
Upbeat pop love song with lighthearted acoustic guitars, driving drums, charming synths and female vocals. Casually romantic tune made for summertime love.
80 BPM03:34
This soft, soothing song features gentle female vocals, piano, warming strings and quietly driving acoustic rhythms, suggesting sentimentality and compassion. Version - Full
110 BPM02:53
Strong diva anthem exercising her female autonomy
72 BPM03:58
Heartfelt female vocals softly caress as unobtrusive, shuffling percussion tip-toes around loving, sweet piano, cello, and acoustic guitar in this caring and kind song. Version - Full
100 BPM02:38
A lush and shimmering electro-pop song with emotional female vocals.
90 BPM04:10
This inspiring, playful and dynamic pop gem shines bright with plucked strings, booming drums, shimmering synths and uplifting female vocals! POI @ :45 soaring chorus with a wash of piano, guitars and synths puts the cherry on top! You've got this girl! Pop - Dance, Pop Rock. 90 BPM. Full Mix.
106 BPM03:35
This stirring, indie/alt-rock track soars with beautiful female vocals, pulsing piano, shimmering synths and warm bass. POI @ :52 big anthem chorus with crashing rock drums, bright keys/synths and impassioned, soaring vocals! Haunting, melodic and powerful. Pop - Pop Rock, Indie. 106 BPM. Full Mix.
108 BPM03:33
spacey synths and echoing keyboard chords with finger snaps and steady kick drum. an emotional female voice leads this light pop track straight to the dance floor. can you see me? what do you see?, C-sharp minor, 108 BPM
110 BPM02:26
Heartfelt pop arrangement with thick drums and sparkling synths.
70 BPM02:45
'the rain is bleeding from the sky like tears released from my broken heart'. dark emotional piano-ballad featuring Talia Georgie. floating sensations, sparkling synths, shiny reflections. slow build bursts into a hybrid orchestra theme on top of a dominant double-time pop beat, 70 BPM
120 BPM02:14
Emotional and upbeat electronic pop gives way to an energetic and inspirational vibe. With female vocals.
83 BPM03:02
Astral synths spread the message of hope and happiness as vibrant guitars, layered strings, modern drumbeat and glossy female vocals chant that we can make the world a better place if we "Love A Little Louder."
115 BPM03:11
melancholic female voice pulls herself through the misery of heartbreak and disappointment. piano and acoustic guitar softly building with electronic claps and percussion. a dreamy indie-pop cue evolves, 115 BPM
128 BPM03:19
A mellow, emotional intro with long reverse filtering effects leads into a contemporary, driving programmed beat, slick vocal melodies and atmospheric textures.
102 BPM03:02
Passionate forceful emotional plea
92 BPM02:52
Mysterious electro pop epic with an 80s synthwave touch
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