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182 BPM02:34
Heavily pumping upbeat electro-pop. Swaying German female love lyrics. Electrified. 80's reminiscing vibes buzzing on youthful fire, 182 BPM

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0 BPM02:33
Perfectly evocative of a date-night drive with the radio turned up loud.
119 BPM02:07
A fresh 'n' smooth deep-house track with smooth pads, slick piano, funky bass, sparkling arpeggios and driving drums.
0 BPM02:18
Dynamic rhythm that catches the emotions as feelings run high.
155 BPM03:51
Aexo steps up with a fresh, exhilarating mixture of rock and electro-pop in this feel-good, uptempo anthem featuring exhilarating vocals from Melodie Blume. Groovy, morphing synths, deep pulsing bass and driving drums keep you locked into the brisk breathtaking energy.
120 BPM02:50
Dynamic synthwave pop anthem
128 BPM03:02
Groove to this feel-good, indie-electronic dance track filled with pumping synths, melodic electric guitar, deep bass and smooth, new-wave keys. POI @ :51 slick male vocals and driving 4-on-the-floor drums inject energy while sparkly synths call and answer over the crisp groove. Romantic, young and fresh! Pop - Dance, Electronic. 128 BPM. Full Mix.
0 BPM03:00
Uplifting, invigorating beat with a burst of feeling in every chorus.
0 BPM03:00
Uplifting, invigorating beat with a burst of feeling in every chorus.
132 BPM02:57
Overdriven drum programming and low bass pulses moodily describe the tribulations of love before leading into a rising, hopeful chorus coated in glossy effected strings.
112 BPM03:09
Compelling funky pop anthem
124 BPM02:03
Grateful, loving radio ready EDM with a brassy sound, featuring sexy female vocals.
138 BPM02:49
A positive and dynamic song with female vocals and a nice piano melody.
101 BPM03:27
Relaxing and sultry cutting edge dance tune with emotional female vocals and future bass influences.
115 BPM03:40
Shiny synths, floaty melodies, electro beat, female 'pictures in my head' vocals, clicks. Casual, glossy, sensual. Pop galore, 115 BPM
128 BPM02:46
Aggressive and full of energy with pushy electronic dance programming and high, pulsing synths creating a hi-tech, urgent feel.
0 BPM02:26
Vibrant, vivid slice of energetic, happy-go-lucky fun.
142 BPM02:52
An inspirational and energetic song featuring female vocals and punchy drums.
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