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87 BPM03:02
Grooving flirtations of R&B electronic percussion rhythmically evokes a sultry, excited expression with warm, flowing synth pads and deep sub-bass, as well as modern, seductive female vocals. Version - Full

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97 BPM03:11
Sparse R&B percussion blends with seductive female vocals entranced in delay-heavy atmospheres, building into evocative, driving rhythms, with warm synth pads and sliding, powerful sub-bass lines. Version - Full
61 BPM03:11
Luxurious, flowing song with atmospheric electric guitar elements and warm synth pads evoke a seductive, chill vibe from modern, electronic R&B beats, vibrating bass-lines, and slick female vocals. Version - Full
62 BPM03:28
Sexy guitar riffs introduce an outgoing, seductive electronic R&B beat, sliding sub-bass and sultry yet melancholy female vocals and riffs that flow in and out of a reverb and delay-heavy atmosphere. Version - Full
60 BPM03:49
Chill, laid-back track with slow, electronic R&B beats rhythmically swaying around yearning, sultry modern female hooks and vocals. Version - Full
67 BPM02:26
Modern relaxing trap music featuring sustained low sub and autotuned female vocals.
106 BPM03:07
Energetic and uplifting radio future bass song featuring emotional female vocals, syncopated electronic beat and fresh synths.
136 BPM01:28
Driving beats with a unique synth loop and hard hitting bass, with soulful female vocals. Cool, driving, sexy.
73 BPM02:26
Hopeful lyrics defy heartache in this slow, deliberate modern R&B groover with organ and electronic beats. Version - Full
62 BPM02:47
Intense and sexy contemporary trap song featuring atmospheric pads, powerful drums, deep sub and sexy vocals.
75 BPM02:19
Smooth and relaxed trap hop gives way to a sexy, romantic vibe. With female vocals.
70 BPM02:09
The ambition to succeed and push forward are felt in this grooving hip-hop track, with percolating synths, smooth female vocals, deep 808 bass and grinding hip-hop beats rounding out the optimism and grit. Version - Full
70 BPM02:22
Relaxed and rising trap hip hop builds with a bold, sexy and passionate vibe. With female and male vocals.
136 BPM02:14
This modern R&B love ballad features a sultry, soulful female lead pleading over contemporary beats and solemn electric piano for a bittersweet feel. Version - Full
62 BPM02:53
Exhilarating and elegant piece with confident female vocals deep sub and electronic trap beats.
73 BPM02:29
This mesmerizing K-Pop tune radiates with a sense of longing and desire through male vocals in Korean, with grooving beats, deep bass lines and rich synths adding to the emotions. Version - Full
81 BPM02:32
Sentimental, medium-paced urban pop song featuring powerful sub, fresh synths and passionate female vocals.
70 BPM02:12
Delicate and sensual slow pop song with piano chords, modern electronic beats and sweet female vocals.
73 BPM02:19
A bright and adveturous track with a nice synth melody and punchy drums.
73 BPM02:32
Mesmerizing syncopated keys combine with grooving beats and passionate reggae vocals in this seductive dancehall tune. Version - Full Mix
104 BPM02:57
This captivating pop tune shimmers with elation and joy through encouraging female vocals, grooving beats, warm pads and rich bass. Version - Full
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