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120 BPM03:04
Driving electro beats, soaring synths, bright piano and crystalline guitar patterns cut through while optimistic male vocals and pulsing bass drive forward in this encouraging pop tune. Version - Full

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120 BPM03:21
Driving synth pulses and electronic beats forge ahead while confident male vocals and shimmering synths soar in this optimistic pop tune. Version - Full
100 BPM03:40
Pulsing synths and rich pads combine with positive male vocals and grooving beats to create soaring elation in this emotional pop tune. Version - Full
75 BPM03:02
This bold pop tune glows with optimism and fortitude through powerful male vocals, shimmering synths, rippling arpeggios and grooving beats to create a mesmerizing, upbeat vibe. Version - Full
100 BPM02:59
Hope radiates in this reassuring pop tune, with confident male vocals, mesmerizing synths and grooving beats amplifying encouraging sentiments. Version - Full
126 BPM03:41
Piano and light keyboard with a sentimental, uplifting vocal build into an upbeat dance track with throbbing bass, cool echoing vocal effects and electronic synthesizer pulses.
150 BPM02:29
synthesizer-driven sports/leisure tune. positive, bright, full of enthusiasm and joy. male vocals with urban character - 150 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:43
Minimalist arrangement with a unique beat and catchy vocal melodies. Sweet, simple, sophisticated.
129 BPM03:21
Expressive, emotional male vocals, chiming electric guitars, deep sub-bass and morphing synths create a dark, tense atmosphere over steady kicks slowly building to climax @ 1:07 with anthemic pumping synths, crisp dance drums and rise fx. An exciting and moody mix of electro/pop/rock/dance for your listening pleasure. Pop - Dance - Rock - Indie-Pop, Electro-Pop. 129 BPM. Full Mix.
103 BPM02:27
Bittersweet pop with male vocal which describes a post-relationship struggle. Progressive 12/8 triple time rhythms blend against hypnotic synth textures.
128 BPM03:02
A sweet, saccharine pop song with filtering bass bridging the gap between big, punchy drum beats. Melodic, upbeat and bright with pulsing synth colors filling up the background. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM03:51
Catch the energy of this uplifting, youthful electro-pop anthem kicking off with chiming guitars, pulsing synths, pounding kick drum and inspiring, melodic male vocals. POI @ :44 tension builds with a haunting pre-chorus that slowly swells to an explosive release @ 1:15 with huge bass, big dance drums and a wall of hooky synths beautifully swirling overhead! Turn it up! Pop - Dance - Electronic - Club Music, Electro-pop. 128 BPM. Full Mix.
85 BPM01:53
A solid, Inspiring indie-pop/rock anthem with epic rock drums, pounding bass and a brick wall of glorious guitars! Male Artist
115 BPM03:28
Curtain of electro magnificence, soft male autotune enhanced vocals featuring an early 80's attitude with strong U.K. reminiscences. Electro drums, one finger synth melodies. Hot men, big muscles, little shorts, 115 BPM
97 BPM01:49
electronica pulse, drums, synth. straight forward commercial pop hymn. confident autotuned male vocal hook 'I'm gonna be the champion' - 97 BPM, Full Mix
140 BPM02:52
Anthemic, emotional, drum & bass pop with male vocal
122 BPM02:12
Electro Pop and dance all gloriously become one in this vibey, feel-good track featuring upbeat electronic drums, dreamy vocals, bouncing plucks, pumping deep bass, echoing guitars and shimmering synths.
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