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152 BPM03:10
Frenetic male vocals combine with backing vocals, bold bass lines, bright piano chords, thick guitars and driving drums to create an empowering, optimistic vibe in this powerful pop rock tune. Version - Full

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87 BPM03:16
Powerful rock drums slam away while big guitar riffs grind away in this tenacious rock tune, with male vocals and synths rounding out the fiery intensity. Version - Full
97 BPM03:53
Grooving drums, unwavering male vocals and grungy guitars combine with pop synth effects to create confidence and fortitude in this rousing pop rock tune. Version - Full
79 BPM03:37
Epic synths and choir give way to a marching drum groove and confident male vocals, with powerful strings and brass entering to ramp up courage and swagger as everything builds to a huge climax in this inspiring rock tune. Version - Full
160 BPM02:03
Hopeful, inspiring and confident indie pop. Simple guitar riffs and cool drum groove build with the captivating voice of Carson Blaze into a majestic and anthemic refrain and the motivational message "You know I'm gonna make it".
100 BPM03:07
Threatening strings and propulsive electric guitars build slowly to an adrenaline-fueled, alternative-rock track with strong male vocals determined to never look back.
132 BPM03:47
sequencer synths sparkling, gritty indie-rock guitars burning. soul-driven rock drums pounding. cool male german vocalist enjoys a modest life, he has everything he needs as long as she is with him. beautifully hymnic. very moving and emotional love song with extraordinary lyrics and vocals, D minor, 132 BPM
128 BPM02:23
Sexy and raw with transistor-like vocals and a simple punchy beat leading into a powerful chorus with larger-than-life synthesizers and guitars.
80 BPM02:29
Hard rap meets harder rock and an even harder groove with vigor coming in all forms, from overdriven vocals to shredded beats to speaker-blown guitars.
130 BPM02:37
Grimy distorted guitars, grooving drums and rousing male rapping combine with a rambunctious percussion ensemble, pulsing synths and electrifying effects to hype things up in this exciting hip-hop anthem. Version - Full
91 BPM02:14
Fresh and edgy tune with flavors of hip-hop, male rapping and hard EDM arrangement.
84 BPM02:39
Rugged hip-hop beats and percussion ensemble grooves grind alongside heavy distorted guitars, brash male rapping and gritty synths in this energizing sports anthem. Version - Full
110 BPM02:28
Energetic and majestic hip hop, with grand sounding synthesizers emanating a percolating gloss over pushy beats and edgy vocals.
150 BPM02:52
Rock guitar arpeggios combine with electronic effects and trap drum programming and drops for a cool, confident tune with pep talking rap, glossy synthesizer swells and soft, attacked bell percussion melodies.
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