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80 BPM02:06
Glistening and warm intro leads to a wondrous and uplifting orchestral festive theme.

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90 BPM01:04
Uplifting and positive hymn to success and its glorious rewards.
The world's most popular Christmas carol presented with beautiful vocals and calming piano and cello.
137 BPM01:40
Magical waltzing orchestral piece that moves between playful childlike curiosity and a bold and dramatic fanfare.
120 BPM01:07
The sound of being surrounded by beautiful things to buy at Christmas.
120 BPM01:05
Majestic sense of drama propelled forward on exultant strings.
74 BPM02:32
Graceful strings and soft piano gently swell and grow with magical bells and layers of elegant strings to a beautiful, warm and joyous orchestral ending.
90 BPM01:06
A sound of kindness, generosity and warmth at Christmas time.
82 BPM02:16
Hopeful warm orchestral theme building from peaceful strings and brass to a jubilant end with woodwinds, bells and choir.
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