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100 BPM02:50
Invigorating beats and plucky synths combine with passionate female vocals and shimmering synths to express desire and hope in this grooving pop tune. Version - Full

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100 BPM03:07
Cheerful sentiments radiate in this bright pop tune, with female vocals, grooving beats and catchy riffs exuding admiration and love. Version - Full
100 BPM02:16
Hot and modern mallets and female vocals intro joined by a bouncy groove and soulful male vocals in the second verse.
105 BPM03:32
Cheerful and bouncy Japanese electro pop with female lead voice and synths.
105 BPM02:34
Beautiful summer tune featuring emotional and romantic vocals with deep house beats on top.
100 BPM02:29
Moody dance pop with dark synthesizers pulsing and filtering over cool drum programming, percussion and spacey vocal effects.
110 BPM02:07
A motivational synthesizer and steady bass ostinato create inspiration while energetic vocals carry the theme forward, with electricity and excitement emanating throughout. Version - Full
100 BPM02:39
Frollicky and groovy with electro pop elements, featuring bright synthesizer and female lead vocals that create a feel-good, encouraging mood.
108 BPM03:09
rural, atmospheric intro. seductive female dance pop with 90's euro dance synth hook. warm synth bass groove creating an uplifting, dreamy vibe - 108 BPM, Full Mix
83 BPM02:26
Sultry, soulful female vocals float above breezy, downtempo hip hop rhythms in this modern, electronic R&B track about love and longing. Version - Full
92 BPM02:22
Feel-good and positive, featuring bright synthesizer, synth drums, piano and female lead vocals that create a fun, encouraging mood.
115 BPM03:40
Shiny synths, floaty melodies, electro beat, female 'pictures in my head' vocals, clicks. Casual, glossy, sensual. Pop galore, 115 BPM
104 BPM02:42
Suave guitars, easy synths and relaxed melodies.
120 BPM02:12
Beautiful guitar and vocal intro turn into a bouncy tune with the minimal arrangement and female vocals.
105 BPM02:51
An uplifting and energetic modern pop song with catchy choruses in which a synth sustains the female vocals.
107 BPM02:09
Whimsical electronic pop builds with floating euphoria and gives way to energetic trap pop. With female vocals.
107 BPM02:43
Seriously flowing tropical house influenced pop. Fronted by emotive and glossy female vocals.
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