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83 BPM02:36
Pulsing synths and bass combine with a slow grooving beat while female vocals add an evocative vibe in this chill reggaetón tune. Version - Full

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99 BPM03:22
Pop - Dance - Electronic. Percussive, pop beat with melodic male vocals, passionate sensual lyrics, with stay in your head lead synth. 99 bpm. Full Mix.
100 BPM03:31
Retro r'nb groovy song with sensual female lead voice, funky guitar and girl power choir.
103 BPM03:01
An R&B slow jam romantically drifts with dreamy synth pads, echoing piano, guitar, 808s and booming bass. Spacious and atmospheric. Male vocals.
89 BPM03:50
Pop - Hip Hop - Electronic. Ambient, driven tantalizing piano, textured pad, relentless, pop groove, male vocals, wanna get to know you better lyrics. 89 bpm. Full Mix.
97 BPM02:38
German hip-hop with bling-bling keyboards, warm bass tones and smoothly seductive female hip-hop vocals. VIP extravaganza beats evoking an intoxicating queen-bee vibe, 97 BPM
64 BPM03:43
Male vocoder-enhanced hip-hop riddim, emotional, hardships. Vibrational bass-synth-driven electric pop. Modern teen angst ballad featuring beautifully abstract German lyrics, 129 BPM
150 BPM02:30
*Explicit Language* - Life is beautiful and go and take it all. This track has a carefree and party feel although it's typically in a bad boy manner. Party with girls and booze. Up-tempo club banger, auto tune vocals. 150 BPM. Fullmix.
60 BPM03:37
Smooth and evocative, this sexy Latin EDM track features a chill groove, expressive vocals and warm synths to emphasize love and romance. Version - Full
151 BPM02:03
Heartfelt and uplifting future bass gives way to a chill, peaceful, floating vibe. With male vocals.
94 BPM03:07
DJ $crilla presents; Sexy hip hop love anthem. Intentions laid out straight, no messing around. Aggressive big urban beats, subs and hip hop synths, with female backup vocals. Confident, love professing hip hop vocals.
70 BPM02:22
Relaxed and rising trap hip hop builds with a bold, sexy and passionate vibe. With female and male vocals.
70 BPM02:09
The ambition to succeed and push forward are felt in this grooving hip-hop track, with percolating synths, smooth female vocals, deep 808 bass and grinding hip-hop beats rounding out the optimism and grit. Version - Full
101 BPM02:47
Infectious, upbeat, catchy modern dance-pop with soulful male vocals ready both for the radios and the party crowd.
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