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95 BPM02:28
Explosive trumpets and fiery Salsa percussion energy. Rapid footwork, synchronized bodies pressed against each other passionately moving across the dancefloor. Brahms redefined. Intense yet relaxed. Extremely sexy, 95 BPM

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91 BPM03:44
Jaunty Cuban vibes with tight baritone saxes, big band brass, vibraphone, deeply sensuous rolling piano riffs, lively male Latino shouts. Beethoven's 5th sparkling of pure Salsa luxury, 91 BPM
Full-bodied Cuban Mambo energy redefining Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts 'A Little Night Music'. Pumping trumpets, melodious piano, hot percussion, catcalling Latino shouts. Rapid footwork in sexy high-heels, red lipstick. Shoulder-shaking, hip-swaying, big smiles
83 BPM02:15
Contemporary combination of jazz and salsa, provident of the city of New York. Float to the trumpet solos, marvelous brass, syncopated piano, lively bass and complete Latin percussion ensemble as they weave their sexy, Spanish sound.
140 BPM02:02
Commercial - Promo. Take a sun drenched Latin vacation with us. Hypnotic percussion, playful piano and boisterous brass kick off the fiesta! Get swept off your feet with nimble bass and steady Latin/jazzy percussion. POI @ :43 Vivacious brass takes center stage for a pleasant side-step leading into piano and organ highlights. PARTY! Full Mix. 140 bpm.
140 BPM01:43
Latin Boogaloo Salsa. Authentic Authentic Boogaloo. Step back in time to the golden age of Boogaloo. This piece drips with memories of 1960's New York and Cuba. Great trumpet solo.
92 BPM01:43
Latin - Salsa. Authentic Authentic Puerto Rican Salsa. Live brass and percussion beat along with piano and baby bass in this classic tune.
80 BPM02:13
Straight from Cuba, this montuno interpreted by live instruments, full brass section, Latin percussion, piano, cuatro and baby bass. Beautiful trumpet and piano solos invite you to take a ride and dance the night away!
88 BPM02:20
Enchanting and melodic Cuban flute dances around a complete Latin percussion ensemble, lively bass, delightfully rhythmic piano and a live brass section!
102 BPM01:49
A blast of glitzy glamour. Exciting, feelgood Cuban big band with an exotic feel. Uplifting trumpet solo from 1:02 adds to the party vibes.
128 BPM03:11
This smooth and sexy cha cha will transport you to the lively and romantic streets of Cuba. Wonderfully executed trumpet and trombone solos, piano montunos, sassy flute, Latin percussion and dreamy syncopated bass.
0 BPM02:38
Moving, energetic, happy and easy mambo-salsa theme with latin bigband, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, urban, lifestyle, party, fun, holiday, beach, feel good, travel, world, ethnic, cuba, mambo, salsa, southamerica, carribean, latin, dance, emotion, humor, comedy, cartoon, themes, trailer, promo's, underscore, bed, easy listening, lounge, homepage, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic
100 BPM01:38
Pure getaway summer sun. Feel the heat in this larger than life, big band style mambo. Brass play a spiky melody with exciting accent points.
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