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115 BPM03:56
This rousing Colombian cumbia tune gets the party going through bouncing Latin percussion and drums along with energetic Spanish vocals and accordion. Version - Full

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98 BPM03:00
it's all about the love in this feel-good, upbeat reggae track, joyously jamming with bouncy bass, retro keys, playful steel drum and lively guitar all grooving over a driving reggae rhythm. Male and female vocals come together beautifully to celebrate the HUMAN race ONE LOVE! Ya mon! Reggae - Caribbean, Pop. 98 BPM. Full Mix.
118 BPM03:46
World - African. Optimistic, praising education, repetitive, upbeat, and charming. Full Mix.
134 BPM02:57
Dynamic cumbia tribal track combines confident latin percussion with supercharged Colombian accordion while pumping up the energy with anthemic female vocals.
111 BPM01:48
Happy and uplifting tropical island vibe with cumbia accordion and tres guitar.
95 BPM02:25
Uplifting and positive reggaeton builds with a fun, confident and chill energy. With male vocals.
126 BPM02:53
Move to this feel-good Latin-pop dance track groovin' with playful accordion, driving drums, shimmering club synths and melodic, auto-tuned male vocals! POI at 1:30 urban/rap break over the pounding beat gets the crowd hyped as the jam plays on. Sugary sweet and purely delicious POP! Latin - Dance, Pop. 126 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM04:17
Energetic Latin percussion, drums and bass ramp up the excitement while Spanish vocals and ecstatic accordion melodies hype things up in this fun Colombian tune. Version - Full
102 BPM02:32
Energetic Caribbean style Reggaeton music with symphonic hints intermingled.
125 BPM03:41
Latin dance grooves lead the way in this exciting Colombian tune, with Spanish male vocals, accordion and percussion keeping the energy high throughout. Version - Full
120 BPM02:04
The party is ready to get started! This electro punta beat will have you out of your seat clapping and dancing to the fiesta sounds of South America and the rhythm of the drum set, percussion, electric guitar, bass, piano, brass and synthesizers.
115 BPM02:20
Summery acoustic guitar intro builds into a catchy moombahton pop banger with a romantic but energetic mood.
122 BPM03:34
Glitterati & Dance - Electro pop bed with tribal influences
92 BPM03:48
World - African. Bright, happy, and repetitive song sung in Chichewa. Full Mix.
135 BPM03:25
Love reigns supreme in this upbeat, feel-good Latin-pop dance track grooving with hooky auto-tuned pop vocals, bouncy bass, driving drums, guitars and playful brass! POI at 2:38 lightning-quick guitar and bright brass call-and-answer over the pulsing rhythm leading into the big finale. Sonrisa! Latin - Pop, Dance. 135 BPM. Full Mix.
128 BPM02:56
Brazilian and reggaeton beats drive with dance synth, intensifying to a stuttering collision of drums and synth. Crazy high energy. Fuzzy synth melody and high energy male vocal join tasteful Latin percussion. Breaks down to a male vocal chant and fast Brazilian drums. Energizing crowd clapping.
97 BPM03:21
Sexy Reggaeton with cumbia flare that grooves as rhythmic percussion, spanish guitars and cool male vocals entice with a laid-back vibe.
92 BPM02:50
Cool, Urban Reggaeton with rhythmic drums, hard-hitting snare, bright synths and powerful male rap vocals.
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