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72 BPM03:30
Romance is in the air in this expressive Colombian vallenato tune, with passionate Spanish vocals, grooving Latin percussion and evocative accordion melodies evoking heartfelt desire. Version - Full

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74 BPM03:27
This romantic Colombian tune features expressive male vocals in Spanish as well as evocative accordion melodies along with grooving drums, Latin percussion and bass. Version - Full
82 BPM03:56
This passionate Colombian vallenato tune features Spanish male vocals, accordion, strings and keys all evoking joy and optimism over a Latin groove. Version - Full
76 BPM05:18
Paseo Vallenato that speaks of the heartland with refreshing accordion, warm bass, stimulating latin percussion, inspirational male vocals and a hot and heavy piano solo that will blow you away.
75 BPM04:49
A beautiful, traditional Vallenato, infused with a joyous and delightful attitude with live accordion, bass, percussion, guitar and a male vocalist, expressing the true passion of Colombia. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Caribbean. 75 BPM. Full Mix.
155 BPM03:06
Contagious fast-paced Norteño beat featuring all the traditional instrumentations, accordion, bajo sexto, live bass, and percussion popular in the North of Mexico with a very happy twist with a male vocalist with a comedic interpretation. Latin - Norteño, Mexican, Comedy, Spanish, Tex Mex, Ranchera. 155 BPM. Full Mix.
76 BPM03:24
Romantic Norteño cumbia with a real Tejano swing, with sad and lonely lyrics interpreted by a male vocalist, accompanied by accordion, bajo sexto, bass, and live drums. Latin - Tejano, Norteño, Mexican, Comedy, Spanish, Tex Mex. 76 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM03:50
Energetic Merengue Vallenato with driven latin percussion, bouncy bass, lively accordion and animated male vocals ready to celebrate.
82 BPM03:48
Traditional Colombian Vallenato featuring all authentic live instrumentation. Accordion, ethnic percussion, bass, guitar and drums, provident from the city of Barranquilla perform with a sweet, dancing sway. Male vocalist sings hopeful lyrics. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Caribbean. 82 BPM. Full Mix.
180 BPM03:35
A traditional male vocalist sets the tone for this high spirited, inspiring "never give up" song, recorded in La Guajira with live accordion, percussion, bass, guitars and drums. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Romantic, Caribbean. 180 BPM. Full Mix.
132 BPM03:02
Latin - Dominican - Bachata. Inspiring, romantic male vocals swaying to Latin percussion, bass, and guitar. 132 bpm. Full Mix.
125 BPM03:41
Latin dance grooves lead the way in this exciting Colombian tune, with Spanish male vocals, accordion and percussion keeping the energy high throughout. Version - Full
75 BPM04:46
Recorded in the city of Valle Dupar with a Porro twist, this authentic Colombian Vallenato takes you on a journey through the streets of Colombia. Melancholic accordion, live percussion, bass and guitar accompany a soulful, lamenting male vocalist. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Romantic, Caribbean. 75 BPM. Full Mix.
152 BPM03:34
Colombian mixture of Champeta and Vallenato featuring all live instrumentation. Accordion, ethnic percussion, bass, guitar and drums. Traditional male vocal performs with a happy, humorous "just let me live my life" attitude. Fun and carefree. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Comedy, Party, Caribbean. 152 BPM. Full Mix.
72 BPM04:16
Joyful Spanish vocals and accordion sound out over a laid-back Latin groove in this evocative Colombian vallenato tune. Version - Full
91 BPM03:08
Romantic Tejano beat with a youthful male vocalist and sorrowful lyrics, highlighting the accordion, bajo sexto, live drums and bass. Latin - Norteño, Mexican, Traditional, Spanish, Tex Mex, Ranchera. 91 BPM. Full Mix.
127 BPM03:42
Latin - Dominican - Bachata. Dominican Bachata with live guiro, bongo, bass and guitar with longing lyrics sung by a male vocalist. Dominican. Full Mix.
80 BPM04:13
Humorous Vallenato Corralero with sassy brass, driving latin percussion, playful accordion soaring overhead and fun male vocals with comedic flare.
178 BPM02:35
Romantic Norteño waltz, with a sentimental male vocalist headlining a sweet accordion sound mixed with live bass, drums, and bajo sexto. Latin - Norteño, Mexican, Traditional, Spanish, Tex Mex, Ranchera. 178 BPM. Full Mix.
99 BPM03:16
World - African. A song about unreliability, broken promises, and let downs. Upbeat and melodic song sung in Chichewa. Full Mix.
90 BPM03:51
A slow Latin groove ambles along while evocative accordion and Spanish vocals express romance and joy in this Colombian tune. Version - Full
136 BPM03:46
Beautiful Bachata with sweeping pad, passionate guitar, deep bass, energetic percussion and honest male vocals.
90 BPM04:22
A song in a caporal rhythm - a mulattos dance from the colonial times.
90 BPM04:32
Spirited Paseo Rapido Vallenato that entertains with its vigorous latin percussion, firey bass, high-energy accordion and lighthearted playful male vocals.
135 BPM03:25
Love reigns supreme in this upbeat, feel-good Latin-pop dance track grooving with hooky auto-tuned pop vocals, bouncy bass, driving drums, guitars and playful brass! POI at 2:38 lightning-quick guitar and bright brass call-and-answer over the pulsing rhythm leading into the big finale. Sonrisa! Latin - Pop, Dance. 135 BPM. Full Mix.
113 BPM04:47
Old traditional Cook Island story of a couple's boat ride from a little island Aitutaki to the mainland Rarotonga for the birth of their child and mother dies on boat.
78 BPM04:34
Recorded in Bogota, Colombia, this traditional Vallenato features an authentic live band, with accordion, ethnic percussion, bass, guitar and drums that lend the perfect slow, melancholic backdrop, for a youthful male vocalist. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Romantic, Caribbean. 78 BPM. Full Mix.
69 BPM04:28
Give praise to the motherland! This powerful, emotional reggae track sways with lively brass, tight guitars, airy flute, playful keys and deep dubby bass bouncing over a hypnotic, mid/slow-tempo reggae rhythm. Passionate male vocals soar overhead, singing out loud and proud as this stunning tracks plays on! Reggae - Caribbean, Pop. 69 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM04:17
Energetic Latin percussion, drums and bass ramp up the excitement while Spanish vocals and ecstatic accordion melodies hype things up in this fun Colombian tune. Version - Full
137 BPM03:47
It's time to party! Recorded in the city of Cartagena, this combination of Vallenato and Champeta features nimble accordion, traditional Colombian percussion, live guitars, drums, and bass, accompanying a happy, "excited about life" male vocalist. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Caribbean. 137 BPM. Full Mix.
118 BPM03:57
A romantic twist on a contemporary Vallenato, this peppy, uptempo piece makes you move your feet at the sound of the live, pulsing drums, percussion, accordion, bass and guitar, and topping it off, a starry-eyed, female vocalist. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Comedy, Caribbean. 118 BPM. Full Mix.
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