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170 BPM01:24
Supremely enjoyable, fast paced punky swagger down the aisle.

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170 BPM01:06
Rapid-fire energy combined with a sense of celebratory, reckless fun.
165 BPM02:44
Fast-paced drums, confident stabbing guitars and cool melodies build to a propulsive chorus filled with energy and attitude.
190 BPM03:41
Energetic drums combine with driving guitar chords and cool, optimistic melodies that build to a rousing and determined chorus.
90 BPM01:42
RAW REVIVALS Spirited and heart racing indie rock euphoria
180 BPM02:05
Big bouncing beats and excitable, pulsing guitar lines paint a vibrant and positive scene filled with pep and lively playfulness.
84 BPM01:17
Surf-sounding tom drums roll into a wave of nationalistic melodies played by electric guitar set in the rock arena.
169 BPM01:06
Rock - Alternative. California sunset, fast cars, cool kids and big time attitude with melodic guitars, hyped-up drums and pounding bass. POI @ :24 a tight groove emerges with huge, syncopated guitars and bass that kicks right back into the summery anthem and drives this feel-good rocker home! Forever Young! Full Mix. 169 bpm.
171 BPM02:15
Propulsive, gritty beats and edgy guitars combine to create a driving, focused and optimistic indie romp.
195 BPM02:35
A furious concoction of energy, attitude and strength. Featuring pulsing, gritty guitars and high-energy beats.
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